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Experimental Metal solo artist from Devon.
Just really tired of trying to form a band, and get them motivated and then 6 months down the line it all falls apart for whatever reason. The solution? Go out and buy a bunch of home recording stuff and do it all yourself. 100% creative control, and no shimmying around trying to organise practices for 5 people. Brilliant!
Band/artist history
History? Band? Well, I was born, I found out what I liked, and what I wanted to be, and now I am going for it with all my energy...whilst trying not to get too in debt, of course!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Haven't played live yet, I'm still writing and experimenting, but there are several musicians who I have worked with in the past who would like to get together and be my live band. I just can't have me, my guitar and my computer onstage, as having a band to play with really fires me up.
Your musical influences
Ah man, there are too many. You can only list yourself as one type of music on here, but I'm into allsorts. Yes my main love is Rock and Metal, and all that it entails (such as Industrial, Electro, Stoner...all of it!) but I'm also into Jazz, Blues, Classical, Electronica (80's style, aiee!), and all World Music. there are so many different ethnic sounds out there that can be used in other genres to create fresh sounds. One of my main ambitions is to go on a round-world trip, immersing myself in different cultures and drawing upon their music to create new sounds.
What equipment do you use?
Really cheap computer using Cubase and Logic, a Behringer compressor, 4 channel mixer with phantom power so I can use my ADK Valve Condenser mic. Instruments I use are a modified bronze series B.C Rich Warlock in normal and drop D tuning. It was my first ever Guitar, so it has a special place in my heart. I treat it to upgrades whenever I can. Right now it is running a Steve Vai Evolution pickup at the bridge and Iron Skull volume and tone knobs. Pretty soon it will have a complete hardware and wiring overhaul with a self designed custom stainless steel scratch plate installed. I also use a bronze series B.C Rich Mockingbird, my second ever guitar. I use this for C-tuned stuff. then there's my Jackson 7-string with lovely DiMarzio pickups and a Floyd Rose trem. Pretty soon my 6 string bass will be arriving. Lovely!
Anything else?
I like steak. Bring me steak and you'll be my friend for life. Lots of steak. Fillet steak, medium done. Mmmm...beefs.