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Dr Neuss
Dr Neuss
53 Tracks
Just here to have fun, and get out my anger, and pain creatively.
Peak in sub-genre #23
The Straw Man
Peak in sub-genre #64
Shores of the Wiskah
"Surround your self with death, in order to feel more alive." -UNKNOWN- Horror core songs are now at the bottom, normal stuff at the top.
Band/artist history
Been messing with raps on, and off since about 1998. Just some thing I do every once in a while to cope with stressful times.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
When I am confident it will happen.
Your musical influences
I barely listen to any one but me, but if Im partying out------ Necro, Ill BIll, Goretex...Metallica...Deftones...Eminem (old CD's)..DZK FOR DAMN SURE...Slipknot...TWIZTID AND ICP.....THREE SIX MAFIA...Tupac...Esham....Natas...Bone n Thugs...Snoop Dogg (old Cd's)..Blaze ya Dead Homie, Soulfy, Necro, Dayton Family, Nirvana, Brotha Lynch.....I got more, but Im tired of typing. That's what I listen to, but when it comes to influence I get 94 % of it from my own life, the sick shit is merely immitating horror movies I grew up watching as a kid, but turning it in to music.
What equipment do you use?
Computer #1 (Primary soft-synth controller, and also primary audio production) Processor: Athlon Dual Core 4400. RAM: 2 gigs of Samsung with custom low-latency timings. Video Card: Geforce 7800 GT. Monitor #1: Olevia 42 inch wide screen LCD. Hard drives: 2 80 gig hard drives. Audio Card #1: Creative Audigy 4 Pro For 5.1 mixing. Speaker set-up #1: Soundblaster 280 watt 5.1. Audio Card #2: Tascam 1804 Firewire 18 input. Speaker set-up #2: Gemsound 700 watt...connected to various speakers. Midi Device #1: M-Audio Evolution UC-33 DAW controller. Midi Device #2: AKAI MPD-16 Midi Pad control unit. Midi Device #3: Yamaha 66 Key Keyboard. Midi Device #4: Frontier Tranzport Wire less DAW controller for control in my vocal booth. Virtual Instruments: Tons. Plug-ins...Tons. Computer #2 (my secondary soft-synth controller) Processor: Athlon 3500 RAM: 1 gig of Corsair. Video Card: 6600 GT. Monitor: 19 inch Samsung Syncmaster. Hard drives: 1 60 gig. Audio Card #1: Yet another Creative Audigy 4 pro...with two break out boxes. Speaker set-up: Logitech 100 watt 5.1. Midi Device: My brother's Yamaha keyboard I'm borrowing. Virtual Instruments...Alot. Plug-ins...Alot. Computer #2 records midi data from brother's keyboard... keyboard out put goes to my ART Tube Pre and then in to me 28 watt Fender guitar amp... then audio goes out from soft synth to out put from Audigy... then goes in to my Behringer Virtualizer Pro... then in to third channel of Tascam 1804... Combining it with my other soft synths I convieniently use CPU of main comp for. :D External Hard Drive: Seagate 250 gig: 7800 RPM - with time-based auto back-up. Mics: AKG 414 B-ULS Condenser Groove Tubes 1b Tube Condenser AKG 4000b Condenser. AKG 9000 Hand held dynamic. 2 other random brand mics as well. Headphones: AKG K271 Studio Sennheiser HD212 Pro Headphone Amp: Rolls 4-way mini amp. (I know you like 4 ways you slut, LOL) Additional gear: PreSonus BlueTube dual channel pre-amp Aphex 104 Aural Exciter with Big Bottom Behringer Autocom Pro Compressor Furman M8 Power Conditioner Some good stuff, and some generic. All in all, a very good start. :D
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