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Danny Hamilton
Danny Hamilton
10 Top 10
22 Top 50
45 Tracks
Folk, Goth mix, country, Acoustic, Rock, guitar music
The Highwayman
Peak in sub-genre #19
Hurt, 2009
Peak in sub-genre #11
Santa Clause Is Back In Town
Peak position #84
I've been playing the guitar for 20+ years and i still havent reached the standard that i once hoped for. I started writing songs when i was in my early teens and like most musicians have probably drifted through most music styles, but i seem to have settled more on the acoustic sound. I'm lucky, i record in a studio where the owner Mike Strutt produces and mixes all the tracks + plays the Bass guitar and Keyboards on all my songs, he's a top fella and the songs wouldn't sound the same without him. If i had to describe my music, then i'd say it was a mix of Folk, country a little touch of Goth in area's and every now and then my early influences of rock show through.
Band/artist history
So far in the top ten. #1 with 'Sleep Walk' in the Rock'n'Roll charts #1 with 'Reflection' in the Acoustic Folk charts #1 with 'Enchanted Land'- Acoustic general charts #1 with 'Today,Forever' - Acoustic general chart #1 with 'Dream Spell' - Acoustic general charts #1 with 'Autum leaves, Summer Rain' Acoustic general chart #1 with 'Give me your Hand'- unplugged Rock/ collaboration with Clem Gareau. #1 with 'You're The One' - Country Cover Charts #1 with 'Miss You Forever' - Country-pop chart #1 with 'The Sun Don't Shine' - Unplugged Rock chart #1 with 'Why couldn't you see' Straight ahead blues chart. collab with Clem Gareau. #2 with 'Girl' in the Acoustic Vocals charts #2 with 'My Belief - Acoustic Vocal chart #2 with 'Elysium' - Folk Chart #2 with 'The First Cut Is The Deepest' Country cover chart #2 with 'Fever' - Country swing chart #2 with 'Lady Luck Blues' - Straight Blues chart #2 with 'No more blues mr songman' Country swing #3 with 'Shake' - Indie Chart #4 with 'Whisper sweet things'- Country- pop chart #4 with 'She's my Baby' - Indie chart #4 with 'All Shook Up' - Cover Charts #5 with 'The song still plays' - Country general #5 with 'In Thoughts Of You' - Goth Rock Chart #10 with 'Glad your Mine' - Country general chart
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not very often these days, but every now and then i play in a duet and we get talked into doing something, mostly we play the local pubs.
Your musical influences
My guitar idol is Eddie Cochran, he was way ahead of his time, just listen to his instrumentals like Eddies Blue's and you'll see what i mean. But i cant play like him.
What equipment do you use?
A Gretsch 6120 (Eddie Cochran used one),Yamaha acoustic and my old trusty Eko, a very mellow sound, but my main acoustic guitar is a simon & Patrick.
Anything else?
All tracks recorded at Reeltime studios and produced by Mike Strutt.
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