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Young Soldiers RIP
Young Soldiers RIP
1 Track
Young Soldiers, If You Dont Know Then Find Out!
This is Young Soldiers Baby... We are what were called... all young soldiers out here... we do what we think is right and that will never change Collaborations are 100% accepted.. you wanna collab we'll collab.
Band/artist history
I have always been into music... good stress reliever... i met BLEST in grade ten though.. and before that i was with this cat from my area, JAWN BLACK. But you know, some things just dont work out and we had to leave our differences behind, and now its just me and crisis(pastly known as blest,CRS).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we've done some shows.
Your musical influences
Bizzy Bone... Bone ThugsNHarmony... My Mom, My Dad, My Brothers. And Of Course The Man Above... One Love Baby
Anything else?
I hope you feel my stuff... i could care less if you do, but if you do then thats perfect...leave all the comments you want... and im happy to do a collab with anyone... just leave me something and well get working on something great in no time