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Jack Bastard
Jack Bastard
1 Track
3 Chords 2 Many Beers 1 Hell of a Party!!!
Band/artist history
Singer/Songwriter/Gutarist & ASCAP member since 1996. I recently moved to Central New York and currently playing with party rocker favorites ALL JACKED UP. Singer/Songwriter/Gutarist & ASCAP member since 1996. I recently moved to Central New York and currently playing with party rocker favorites ALL JACKED UP. Some History Nothing But Earth Nomonated for best new group in Buffalo Area Music Awards. (1997) Released a 7 song promotional CD "Songs By Jack" that is avalible in WNY Media Play, New World Records, Boarders Books & Music, and Jukeboxes all over Western New York. NBE's rendition of Bannana Splits "Tra La La" was featured on the compilation release, "Shred & Regan TV Theme Song CD", sponcered by WPHD 103.3 and Media Play. The CD also featured the theme from "Freinds" re-done by Buffalo's own Goo Goo Dolls. NBE also released the yuletide classic "I saw Mommy Kissin' Santa Clause" on "The Other Christmas CD" sponcered by Pepsi and Media Play. That CD also featured Buffalo favorite, Lance Diamond and The Dolls performing "Do You Believe". NBE appeared on WIVB Ch 4 "Wake Up Show" and performed the original single " Can You Believe" The Arrivals Recipiant of Buffalo area music award for top original group.(1987) Worked with legendary producer Dainiel Lianias at Grant Ave. Studios Hamilton, Ontario. Toured extensively through Eastern US and Canada. Was supporting act for such groups as Cheap Trick, The Ramones, Platnum Blonde, B.T.O., Concrete Blonde, Chesterfield Kings, The Forgotten Rebels, Rock Candy, The Blasters and Teenage Head. Song "The Chill" appeared on the Buffalo Rocks compilation CD. Izzy Rexx Recipient of Buffalo Area Music Award for top original group. (1990) Song "Downspin" was featured on the 106.5 "The Bear" radio compilation CD. Toured US and Southern Ontario with such groups as Teenage Head, Lillian Axe, Elvis Hitler, Nitro, Rockcandy and The Forgotten Rebels. Roadside Attraction Major WNY draw with a tribute to the Juno award winners The Tragically Hip. Recipiant of Buffalo Area Music Award for Top Tribute group.(1997) Misc. Work Recorded a well recieved Christmas release entitled "X-Mas" that featured hard edge Christmas standards. Performed lead guitar and vocals on Shattered's release " We Don't Do Mornings". Showcased with Shattered at New York's ledgendary CBGB's in support of that release (Halloween Night... scary) Played guitar for (ex) Goo Goo Doll drummer George Tutuska's group "Hula". Sang background for SAK's release " At Large". Performed background vocals for "Star Search" country artist contestant Stevie Ray Shannon. Performed a 3 song "Live to Air" showcase to a packed house at The Scrapyard in Buffalo, NY that aired on 103.3 WPHD with pre Nothing But Earth group - Foolish Virgin. Played lead guitar for R&B artist Billy Ray.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing with the Ramones in Buffalo NY....I walked into the dressing room and Dee Dee was sittin there I introduced myself and the 1st thing he said was "dude d'ya know where I can score a quarter pound?".....Classic!
Your musical influences
Influence (Listed chronologicaly) Triumph/Rush Ozzy/AC/DC Ramones/Sex Pistols/Social Distortion Skid Row/Faster Pussycat Goo Goo Dolls/Replacements Tragically Hip/Killjoys Marvelous 3/Sugarcult
What equipment do you use?
Mesa DC-5 w/Line 6 Mod and Delay pedals Mashall AVT-275 - Nice fpr Practice Line6 POD Live xt - Direct for recording I also use it live at times with my Digitech Wammy and Bad Horsie Wah