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This is a deeper exploration of various different aspects of music that I am drawn toward. Blending many different musical textures to produce a sound that is
This is my one man band project. These are songs and ideas that I have written and recorded on my little home recording setup.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live with my other band project called Incarcerate. As for this solo project, I would love to play this music live. Perhaps if I find some good musicians who would just help me by playing the other parts for some live shows, Because I have no plans on turning this into a band project (although some of these ideas may be intended for my other band projects, they'll be clearly marked as such).
Your musical influences
A few of my main ones: Death Textures Marc a. Pullen Dream Theater Necrophagist Meshuggah Soilwork
What equipment do you use?
Agile Interceptor Pro 727 - 7 string guitar with active EMG 707's. Ibanez GRG - Guitar. Seymour Duncan TB-6 in the bridge. Squire Strat - Guitar. (Mainly just used for odd tunings now) Yamaha RBX200 - Bass guitar with Fender P-Bass pickups. Axe-Fx ULTRA - Guitar Preamp. PODxt + All model pack expansions - Guitar Preamp. Marshall vs100 - Amp head, only ever used for the solid state power section. Speaker cab - 2x12 plessy/rola c12p's PC - Dual core recording rig with 4GB of ram. Getting a bit dated but I never really max it out. Axiom 25 - controller/midi keyboard Tascam US 144 - Audio Interface / mic pre Addictive Drums (Core) - A brilliantly sampled drum kit plugin. Nuendo - multi-track Recorder + sequencer Various other VST plugins Slowly building up my gear, what I have seems to do the trick though.
Anything else?
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/destroyermusic/ email/msn: fender786@hotmail.com If you like the tunes, Please share 'em around :D Thats all for now, Have fun!
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