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Max Airplay
Max Airplay
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Max Airplay was an unsigned stand alone digital artist specializing in Electronic and Experimental sounds. Max Airplay experimented with the cutting edge of 'no
This Is a Recording
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Opening Credits - Prologue
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The Moons of Savven VII 1st & 2nd Movements
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Music has been and continues to be a huge part of my life. Although I have many and varied interests, my personal involvement with music started in the 4th Grade playing trumpet. Since being bitten by the music 'bug' at a relatively young age, my involvement progressed to playing Rhythm Guitar in a Rock band in my teens to becoming a Radio Broadcaster during and after college, to becoming an Nightclub and private DJ-for-Hire to current-day budding music composer, arranger and recordist. All the music I make now is all the music I never got to play as a Nightclub and DJ-for-Hire!
Band/artist history
Since this is an on-going work-in-progress, please refer to 'Band Introduction' for particulars! I hope to be adding to this section regularly!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live now on a very limited basis, mostly by choice. I was 'live' during my brief Broadcasting career of 10 years. I like the live aspect performing as a DJ in front of a crowd because of the immediate feedback you get: when you do something right, you immediately know it! Conversely, when you do something 'wrong,' you also realize THAT immediately as well by an empty dancefloor! LOL!!! My most 'special' moment was doing a New Year's Eve DJ gig for well over 1000 people as a private contractor DJ and having so many people doing the 'Electric Slide' all at once that the temporary dancefloor moved back almost 3 FEET from the front of the stage where I was set up and playing!
Your musical influences
My tastes can range from sexy, sultry sexaphone err, ahh, SAXOPHONE Jazz from artists like David Sanborn and Candy Dulfer to most forms and sub-genres of Rock. I also like most Techno and Trance and most genres of 'Dance' music for its extremely high energy--it acts like musical caffeine to me! If I were to be stranded on an island for 10 years and could ONLY take one form of music with me, it would definitely HAVE to be Jazz! It bypasses my conscious mind and has a direct pipeline to my soul! Artists directly influencing me include: The Byrds, Led Zeppelin, Prince, Michael Jackson, David Sanborn, Candy Dulfer, Dianne Schuur, George Benson, The Crusaders, Infected Mushroom, Prodigy, New Order, John Williams, Henry Mancini, Jerry Goldsmith, Earth, Wind and Fire and Johnny Louie.
What equipment do you use?
Hardware: My own imagination! PC with Athlon XP 2400+ processor, Sound Blaster Audigy sound card, 200GB WD HD, 1 Gig memory, stand alone CD burner patched between my PC and my speakers (what I hear, I can 'burn') custom-built rack mounted 10 channel pre-amp and 400W amplifier driving (2) DJ-style monitors and (2)1979 vintage SpeakerLab 30 speakers. Software: I've used and am currently using 3 different kinds of composition and editing software. I am currently looking at and investigating possibly using some new software in the near future.
Anything else?
This is it, this is ME! This is music created by my own hands, eyes, ears and soul! This is the music that means the most to me! To know me on a more personal and deeper level, is to know me through my music! I would also like to personally thank my brother, Karl, for all his support, encouragement, inspiration, constructive criticism and belief in me! He has helped keep me focused and has pushed me in directions I never knew I could go! Without him, a lot of what I've created would NOT have been possible! Thank you, Brother!
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