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Wicked Crow
Wicked Crow
Aurora, CO  USA
February 08, 2006
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Crow, An artist in Colorado, has been makin music for over 13 years what he lives an what he breaths daily. He is always writing an recording atleast a track or more daily. He owns Periodik Productions which currently has signed Demented Child. A.I. Aborted intelligence, an more to come.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yea, mostly in colorado, next Cali an WA. an I love it.
Your musical influences
Music itself the essence of it all brings u in and relates to feelings on everything in life. Music is a part of us all it jus has a different effect on us all to were we have our own opinions to like or dislike and choose ur own kinda of music u prefer. im more of a variety i like alot of music to which i can relate to or other shit to bump an listen to gives u a great feeling. I Hate Country. Music can tell u things most people dont understand it has stories, poetic meanings everything in music no matter the type it all has its own ways. But Shit Alot of influences are psychopathic artists,bone thugs an harmony,Tech N9ne, tupac, brotha lynch, three 6 mafia,lots of underground shit, Bob Marley, Reggae is awesome, i like a variety of music, flaw, drowning pool, adema, pink floyd, quiet riot, Guns An Roses, so many bands but shit theres alot of rock, punk rock, nofx, rancid, drop kick murphys, Misfits, an so many more influences, i wrote alot of rock an / punk songs along with my raps. Crow
What equipment do you use?
Knobs an Buttons Leading to The take over of the world. T.O.P Secret
Anything else?
Music Is Life I dont see myself workin no 9 to 5 job.. gotta live ya dreams not let them pass ya by an wonderin later on why ya did.....
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