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Dilo band
Dilo as a musical project started out in 2002 with a view to taking Fermin and Angel's former electronic experimental sounds and melding them into a new musical vision. Later on, Jordi Aranés joins the band to contribute his talent with more organic influences as regards instruments and arrangements. Since then, Dilo has been groping in search of musical identity and striving to achieve their own unique and distinctive sound from a home recording studio and also playing several gigs.
Band/artist history
In 1995 we started to use software trackers and the first tracks took shape. There were 2 of us then, Fermin and Santi, and Xtensions Of Mind was born. In 1997 the band did two live gigs, done by mixing tracks obtained by mixing the output sound of 2 computers. In these performances we synchronized our music with the images projected by another computer (fractals animated by self generated programs, based on the tempo and frequency components, all in real time). For a while we discontinued our live gigs and embarked on studio experimentation. We left tracker software to move onto a more professional hardware-based work system. In 1999 we incorporated our first synthesizers and another member joined in: Angel. From then we set off to develop a work technique based on MIDI sequencing and mixing. At the end of 2001, Santi left the band and we changed the band's name to Dilo. We began to experiment with sampling software. On early 2002, Jordi Aranés joins the band and began our live gigs with the singer Rebeca Sánchez. The track-list includes our own songs and some covers.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live. Keep informed in this web and in the official dilo's web about new gigs.
Your musical influences
Our music is a mix of electronic and rock, sometimes punk, and even techno!
What equipment do you use?
Roland JP8080, Korg Prophecy, Novation Nova II XL, Roland MC-303, Yamaha 01V + MY8AT, Yamaha NS-10M monitors + Samson amplifier, PC (Athlon XP 2100+), Cubase, Wavelab, ISIS sound card, EXSP24, Kontakt, TC Electronic M-One, RME DIGI96/8 sound card, Behringer B-2 microphone, Shure SM58 microphone, Gibson Epiphone guitar, Boss GT6 effects pedal.
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