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Big Wheel
Big Wheel
Preston, United Kingdom
February 04, 2006
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If you've never been here before: I am a keyboardist and sometime sessionist pottering away at my first solo writing and production project which goes by the name Big Wheel, and was born in February 2006. It's a broad range of uplifting and musical electronica styles guaranteed to make your ears happy. I had my first piano lesson in 1980, and my last in 1983. I saw my first real synthesiser in 1985 and started multitracking using multiple tape recorders. In 1987 I had my first go in a studio with a sequencer, and have never looked back. I spent almost nine years as keyboardist for Indie-rock band Tin Gods (soundclick.com/tingods), and have been working as writer/engineer/producer/collaborator at the Buzzstation studio in Fleetwood, Lancashire for some years. Big Wheel is my first solo project, started in 2006 as more of a technical exercise than anything, but which has quickly developed into something I have become very fond of. It's a mix of electronica styles, DnB, house, lounge, trip-hop, chillout , all piano heavy, and more recently featuring some of my guitar work as well. I've done two albums, 'Rollin' and 'The Difficult Second', and am currently working on the third: 'Ergosphere'. That's it. I hope you like the tunes, and I am open to anything anyone has to say to me about them so please drop me a line at theonlyrealdave@hotmail.co.uk and let me know what you think. Cheers for your attention. Dave (BigWheel)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have just parted company with my band of eight years, tin gods: we were an indie rock outfit and I was the keyboardist.
Your musical influences
Direct influences for these pieces: Morcheeba, High Contrast, London Electricity, Pendulum, Adam F, Jonny L, Zero 7, Boards of Canada, Moby etc. More generally, I am influenced by all sorts of different stuff, from ELO to Depeche Mode to Blackburn Rave music, Belgian Techno, Swiss harp music, anything rich. I like anything where you can tell that it has been done for it's own sake.
What equipment do you use?
A PC. Cubase SX & plug-ins. Wavelab. Ensoniq ASR10 and E-Mu Proteus Keys.
Anything else?
Look, right, I don't do this for fun you know. No, wait, sorry. I do this for fun you know, but that doesn't mean I don't want you to listen to it, as it's serious fun we're talking here. I always take my fun seriously. My tuna = SRSBSNS. Serious business, if by serious I mean jolly, and uplifting, and sunshiney, and joyous without the taint of religion, which I do, because it is. Whatever. Listen to it. It's the quickest way to get to know me, if by some miracle you're even remotely interested in a complete stranger possibly from the other side of the world making tunes in a sea of people making tunes. Arrgh.
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