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Egon Brainparts
Egon Brainparts
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Egon Brainparts is a one man band. Instrumental, hip-hop, dub, rap, anything producer, who sees music as an incredible medium for positive change. If it is no
I am Egon Brainparts (born Evan Keeler-Wolf), a hip-hop influenced producer and lyricist from Oakland, CA currently attending Oberlin College. Nine years ago the song "Clear Blue Skies" by the Juggaknauts revolutionized the way I listened to and thought about hip-hop and music in general. I have since been a dedicated student of everything hip-hop (this includes a lot more shit than you might think). I consider hip-hop music to be one of the best mediums for positive change and as such am applying for a post-collegiate grant to open and run a recording studio in South Africa dedicated to tangibly improving the social and environmental conditions for poor people in areas of this country. I currently am working on my first professionally mastered solo album, "Everything Under The Sun" that will be included in my application for this grant and released in March 2006. Although, I take hip-hop very seriously I strive to make music that is both meaningful, socially concious and fun, and will not hesitate use the words "bitch", "trick", "bogus" and "top ramen" to describe my frustration with the magnitude of bullshit perpetrated by idiots today. I started out as an MC/Spoken word poet performing informally around the Bay Area before joining forces with R-Cane (Nick Johnson) to form the Neglected Dialects. We dropped our full-length album, "A Cry For Help" in 2001 and followed up with "The Line Out EP" in 2003. Since our last release we have both been working independently on honing our production skills, but still collaborate on the regular. Having had no formal musical training, my own compositions and beats rely heavily on my intuitive sense of what sounds good rather than why something technically sounds good or bad. I am addicted to digging for samples, whether in record stores or off the internet. Therefore, many of my songs are strongly influenced by the samples I take (but not in a Kanye-esque, "I just jacked your whole song" kind of way). I currently use an Edirol midi-controller, Reason 3.0, Logic 6, and Blue Baby Bottle mic to make all of my beats. I am always excited to collaborate with other musicians and artists, whether they be MC's, singers, instrumentalists, dj's, film-makers or producers of any background as long they are open minded. So if you want me to hook you up with a beat, holler at me. If you want to play or rap on a song with me, holler. If you want to make a movie of my cracker ass, holler. Or if you want to contribute in some way to using hip-hop as a medium for positive change get at me. Peace, EBP
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah I DJ in the SF Bay Area and do random shows at Oberlin College, and around the Cleveland Area.
Your musical influences
Everything under the sun...just peep and you'll figure it out.
What equipment do you use?
Reason 3.0, an edirol midi controller, Logic 5, Blue Baby Bottle Mic, Presonus Tube Amp, numark cdx and hope for a better tomorrow.