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Richard Cummins and the NectarineHorse
Richard Cummins and the NectarineHorse
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Singer Songwriter, melodic songs with catchy choruses, hooks, riffs, and always vocal harmony. Music styles include instrumentals from guitar rock to orchestral
Richard Cummins is a singer/songwriter in the "Beatlesque" tradition. Richard's music swings the pendulum from 3 minute chorusy pop songs, to complex orchestral scores and instrumentals, to firey electric guitar driven rock.
Band/artist history
Coming Soon!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played John Lennon in numerous Beatles tributes, and my own personal music in coffee shops, clubs, theaters, etc. I am currently looking for a versatile lineup of multi-instrumentalists to complete a rather complex musical endeavor. All you Beatles and early Jesus Movement junkies in Vancouver, BC Canada, give me a shout!
Your musical influences
Beatles first and foremost. They are and ever will be the standard of modern songwriting. I slant to the Paul McCartney side of things in that respect. Also, I am a huge fan of the late 1960's/early 1970's Jesus Movement music revolution. Larry Norman, Phil Keaggy, Keith Green - wow. Today I follow Phil Keaggy quite seriously, and have become a guitar student of his.
What equipment do you use?
Vox amps, Rickenbacker guitars, Hofner Bass. I'm a Beatles gear junkie, and love those tones. I also play a state of the art Korg SP500 keyboard, that thing is fantastic! I record exclusively on ZOOM equipment.
Anything else?
Coming Soon!