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American Gypsy
American Gypsy
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Touch-Music from one of Minnesota's best female folk/rock/blues entertainers.
Safe Place
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40th Floor II
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Roll the Dice
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A versatile Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist and Performer, American Gypsy is one of those rare few who can be called a true entertainer whose music and lyrics capture your heart and soul. Her amazing songs-with-a-story and vocals have touched people around the world earning her the phrase "Touch-Music by American Gypsy". She has that special ability to make people laugh, cry and rock all within the space of a few songs. If you sit for a moment and listen to her music, you will be transported to a place or relive a story that you believed only belonged to you. American Gypsy captivates her audiences at a wide variety of venues including, bars and motorcycle rallies throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. From small intimate groups to large rowdy crowds, her performances entice and involve fans of all ages. Her style and songs, although uniquely American Gypsy, have been compared to Lucinda Williams, K. D. Lange, Willie Nelson, Jim Croce, Joan Baez and John Lennon. Brassy, sassy and sensual, with a special ability to capture an audience, American Gypsy performs a wide array of cover songs as well as her original music. Although well known for ability to add her unique style to cover songs, audiences know her music and constantly request her original songs. If you want to be truly entertained and enjoy music at it's best, don't miss American Gypsy at one of her live performances. You will be glad you did.
Band/artist history
Like many other artists who know how to "sing the blues", Jodi Jarchow had humble beginnings growing up on a small farm in Wisconsin. "Sweet Jodi" decided she wanted to sing at the age of six and was always climbing on the kitchen table to perform - much to her mother's disapproval. She taught herself how to play the guitar at sixteen and bought a $75.00 twelve-string that made her small fingers bleed. But, she kept on practicing and by the time she was twenty had saved up enough to buy a decent guitar playing at every church function, family gathering or party she could. She wasn't shy. "Sweet Jodi" started meeting with another guitarist once a week to play in the open area of a small shopping mall. His melody and her harmony were perfect in more ways than one and a year later he proposed. Having exchanged new guitars as wedding gifts, they wrote and sang their promise of love at their wedding. It was about this time Chris gave her the title "American Gypsy" which sticks with her to this day. It wasn't too many years before Chris (stage name "Jackson Sly") and his "Sweet Jodi" were going into debt, buying sound equipment and performing all over Wisconsin and Minnesota as "Sweet Jodi and the Double Eagle Band" later to be renamed "Wind River." They played some pretty big venues around the Twin Cities and their agent wanted to send them on tour for weeks at a time. That's when the happy couple decided they could have just as much fun playing music in the kitchen. Besides, they had kids to raise. Mom and Dad being far away from home just wouldn't work. Even though, American Gypsy would sneak off in the night to perform in talent shows - and, come home with prize money, an extra $100 for family needs. The rest of their seventeen years together, before Chris's sudden death in 1996, were spent working, limiting their traveling to the Midwest and singing the whole way. "This is the good life", Chris would say. And it was. But the sudden stillness of his voice, his melody gone, brought Jodi to a place where music was empty. It was quiet for almost a year. Jodi's son Cal and her dear friend Dreaminghawk would help her laugh and soon music began growing in her once more. She began to write and recorded ten original songs simply as a legacy to her dear son. Her songs found an audience however on the internet and, with Dreaminghawks help and promotion has been keeping up with the competition in the Minnesota charts. She jumps on stage at every motorcycle rally and party when the performing bands see her and invite her up. She still isn't shy. Some of the local bands she has performed with include "Red Line", "Pork Chop", and "Chained Lighting". She has also been known to perform with old friends like the "Killer Hayseeds". Her latest projects include writing and performing songs for Minnesota State agencies with an emphasis on diversity issues. In addition to her numerous performances and appearances, American Gypsy (and her late husband Jackson Sly) created the annual "Apple Jam" in Somerset, Wisconsin. She won the New Richmond, Wisconsin radio valentine contest (with a song written for her husband) and was featured on Beach Radio in Florida for the grand opening of a U.S. Coast Guard Recruiting station.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
American Gypsy can be found performing at a variety of venues throughout Minnesota. If you really want to see her at her best, catch her at one of the biker shows.
Your musical influences
Cher, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and of course, Hoyt Axton
What equipment do you use?
Whatever makes the "right" sound for the song.
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