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"Some people wonder what's going to be the next city/region to dominate the charts. But I already know. Thanks to the BreadWinnaz, it's gon be D.C."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Man, it seems like we do just as many shows out of town as we do in DC. Especially down south! They love us down south! From ATL, to Miami, to North Carolina. But you know, we love that oppotunity to be closer to our fans. The ones who bumpin our music in town, they already know what's really good, 'cause they see us everyday. So it's always good to get different places and let them see the real deal first hand.
Your musical influences
I just like good music man. People be surprised by some of the shit I listen to! Far as rap, of course Pac, Scarface, Geto Boys, NWA, UGK, and each other! We feed off each other talents and energy. Just being around each other and working together and listening to each other tracks. It makes you stay sharp, because everybody so strong. Nobody wants to be the weak link.
What equipment do you use?
Any and everthing. Triton Studio, Phantom, MPC, all different type modules and all that shit.
Anything else?
Man I just wanna say shout outs to all our fans, and all the homies in the streets of every city and state that shown love for BreadWinnaz. Keep yall eyes and ears open. "A Dollar and A Dream" will be out in early March. Then the "Peepshow" album third quarter. So yall keep lovin us, and we'll keep lovin u back. You do right, you get right! - Ron ONeal
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