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Ghetto Flow
Ghetto Flow
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With reggaeton running through their veins, they are the first signed act in the Netherlands: Three guys, one girl. Born in the Dominican Republic. They brough
THE BIOGRAPHY OF: GHETTO FLOW The new voice of the Reggaeton movement! Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Ghetto Flow is armed with a contagious, rhythmic sound that cannot be denied. With un-paralleled versatility, Ghetto Flow are poised to be a cross over smash hit! With reggaeton running through their veins, they are the most exiting group in around. MB The musical motor running this group is MB. His grandfather put a record in his small fists just half an hour after he was born in 83. He was made for music, it was very clear from that point. He was busy with reggaeton on Dominican soil in 1997. That year he went to CuraƧao, where he did his first steps on stage with his own group Los Terricolas. The new millennium was coming and MB decided to go to the Netherlands. Over there he could not find anyone producing beats. So when nobody else does it... J. SOPRANO And so it happened. In 2001 he met the same spirit of Johan and together they made beats and tracks with the name Light Clan. During a game of pool they met the lady from the quartet, La Baby. After talking a little they found out they had the same passion for reggaeton, and it didnt take long before duo Light Clan became a trio. LA BABY La Baby had the dream that was Ghetto Flow, and got the peaces together to make that dream a reality. Armed with a lyrical flow uncommon to female MCs in the reggaeton genre, La Baby is truly one of a kind! Born in 85, was a great reggaeton lover from the age of twelve. She gave shows at the schoolyard by singing tracks of her hero Ivy Queen. Three years after that, her mom put her on the plane, to a better future. La Baby would not be La Bay if she didn't make the best of that. CONEJO There was one more person needed to close the gate making the group Ghetto Flow. The Young Gun, Conejo. This phenom is a lyrical master! Conejo consistently hits you time after time with pure lyrical genius. Conejo is quiet and laid back by nature, but put a microphone in his hands and its another story. He truly comes to life on stage, as many have already witnessed. From the time he was eleven, he has been writing rhymes, and during his years on Saint Maarten he had a group called La Ciencia. Conejo is linguistically gifted. Very few can match his ability to rhyme and write in three different languages. inTOWN MANAGEMENT In 2005, inTOWN made contact with La Baby of Ghetto Flow through internet. The passion and motivation that La Baby was showing while talking about reggaeton and her group was the matchmade, even though La Baby did not have a clue that the person she was talking to was working in the music industry. After seeing them performing at a local underground reggaeton party, inTOWN immediately started promoting the group. Ghetto Flow since then has been noticed by many at their many shows, that immediately came after introducing them at a Dutch/European fair. The summer of 2006 was fully booked with parties and festivals, for reggaeton audience and all other sorts. They were also support act for Wisin y Yandel, Don Omar and Papi Sanchez. Not only audience, also Don Omar went to watch their show in April 2006 and was very impressed that he even suggested to introduce them to the world in opening the intro of their up and coming first album release Los Reales. They are special because of many reasons: the open-minded beats, made by MB who is also the founder and the leading man of the group, the very special talent of the lady in the group La Baby, the impressive rap-skillz of young man Conejo or the funny twist that Jonathan Soprano gives to the sound and on stage. Its mostly this special format of the group: 3 talented guyz and a talented lady, on going strong thanks to their tremendous drive which makes them a very exciting act to listen to and to watch. Even though Ghetto Flow has not been released yet, many reggaeton representatives all around the world have heard of their upcoming stars. inTOWN Management is representing Ghetto Flow, not only by managing the group but also by releasing their first album. inTOWN is firstly based and focussing on the talent of this reggaeton group and is establishing contacts to promote them to agents and (distribution) labels around the world. The first single and video release is planned November 2006 and the first album release in February 2007. Firstly on the Dutch market, meanwhile establishing promotion- and distribution several other countries. We can spend a lot of more words to tell you how impressive they are. But please, let's say no more: listen to their music and you can check some live video's at their websites: www.ghettoflow.com www.myspace.com/ghettoflow
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes well, DJ + tape-act. 4 MC's.
Your musical influences
Reggaeton, merengue, hiphop, Don Omar, Tego Calderon, Wisin y Yandel, Daddy Yankee, Luny Tunes
What equipment do you use?
4 wireless mics, good monitors + sound + DJ set
Anything else?
We are part of www.in-town.nl
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