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G.I.Joseph - Wolverhampton's Premier Punk/Rock Band
Hello, thanks for coming and having a look. We are a rock/punk band from Wolverhampton. We first got together 2 years ago and now have a full 10-track recording studio in our house and jam together daily. Mat is the bassist and lead singer of the group, Mark plays guitar and sings backing vocals, Stu plays drums and sings backing vocals. When we started, we wrote a few songs, and gradually recorded and wrote a few more, now we have an EP, a full 13 track album and we're in the middle of recording another EP. The new EP will be given out freely to anyone that wants it, it should be done by xmas this year. Take a look at our site at www.gijoseph.tk for all the latest news/music/pics and gig dates for the band. Thanks again!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We only ever play live! At the moment we play in and around the West Midlands. But we'll soon be moving to London. So anywhere really. We're all 'special' children, so we always have 'special' moments!!
Your musical influences
Alkaline Trio, Mad Caddies, Metallica, Nofx, Nirvana, Terrorvision, Aerosmith, Green Day, Millencolin, Pearl Jam, Offspring, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Clash, Rx Bandits, Led Zeppelin, Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Butthole Surfers, Less Than Jake, A, At The Drive-In, Audio Slave, Beck, Biohazard, Iron Maiden,
What equipment do you use?
Mark; Epiphone, les paul custom, ibanez, strat, marshall. Mat; Shine, Laney bass amp. Stu; Tama, Sabian, Paiste,
Anything else?
Go here to see our live (in the studio) song " "