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Levitical PriestHood
Levitical PriestHood
3 Tracks
Holy Hip Hop, Christian Rap, Gospel
notebook vol.1
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Exodus 32:26..."So he stood at the entrance to the camp and said, "Whoever is for the LORD, come to me." And all the Levites rallied to him. Hailing from the city of Detroit, Levitical Priesthood is a radical street ministry equiped to take back this land in the name of Jesus Christ with boldness and authority! It's warfare to the grave, get Christ or die tryin', either you wit God or you not.
Band/artist history
Levitical Priesthood started in Highland Park, MI, a community of Detroit at Redeemed Christian Fellowship Ministries Intl. Early in the church's history, Youth Minister & resident musician Emmanuel Eleazar started to recruit hip hop minded christian men to begin using christian rap to minister to the youth on the street. Through his fasting and praying, E.Eleazar would receive confirmation from God that help was on the way. The first soul God sent was, now manager and producer, C.D. Over the next year and a half, E.Eleazar and C.D. began to organize and script together 5 other christ filled emcees. By the begining of 2005 the entity that is Levitical Priesthood was formed...Emmanuel Eleazar, C.D., Knowledge, Cue Zealous, Tone 20/20, Marc Arrow, and A.O.K. Right from the begining the group had an annointing and were ordained as leaders, priests, and ministers for God by Bishop Alfonzo Smith. By the summer of 2005, Levitical was rockin open mics and gospel parties all over The D. By August the group began working on the much anticipated 'Who's Levitical Mixtape Vol.1' And by the grace of God, the group finished the mixtape on Dec.31st, 2005 (new year's eve) to mark the group's stepping into the new year with a new ministering tool and renewed praise. Now with the initial installment of the Who's Levitical Mixtape series under their belt, Levitical Priesthood has begun work on Who's Levitical Mixtape Vol.2 and the long awaited initial LP tentatively titled...Levitical Warrios.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live in church & on the street and we love it. We do live shows everywhere and it's always special when you can bring the word of God to a crowd of youth and they feel it! Or even more they give their life to Christ because of it. God is good!!!
Your musical influences
So many, so many...of course Kirk Franklin, he changed the way we do gospel music didn't he?! Um, Fred Hammond fa sho! Dr. Charles Hayes, that group is crazy for Christ! Corey Red and Precise we used to listen to them all day every day for like a year on the church van! The Clark Sisters, Todd Bangs, R- Swift, The Procussions, Shikinah Glory, Chris Jones, Mary Mary, Yolanda, should I go on? We could be here all day...Byron Cage, Smokie Norful,...let me stop there.
What equipment do you use?
The Holy Ghost, Two turntables and a microphone!
Anything else?
Yeah, look out for Levitical coming to a city near you! Shout out to Redeemed Christian Fellowship...the hypest church on the Planet!!Christians put ya hands up...Let's GO!!!
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