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BOSKE METAL from the dark woods of Plethonia
Band/artist history
Founded in the summer of 2004 by Lord Catharius, Bosketallica released the "Burn The Jihad" demo in september 2004, together with Saddam, the Fuhrer of Metal, who, in that autumn became the band's bass player. The name was chosen by Lord Catharius coming from the "boschetar" word, that in romanian means a homeless (vagabond), generally drunk person. Their music was from the begining unique, a sur-realist and often insane vision of the world expressed by chaotic lyrics The genre (satyric metal, better known as "boske metal") is generally closely related to death metal, but more comprehensible and more based on a specific ideology. In march 2005, Sauron Guzu joined Bosketallica at lead vocals. The death-trio recorded and launched the "Dangerous Guys From Romania" full-length album (known also as "Dracula Boys"), in May 2005 mixed and digitally mastered by Lord Catharius. The album was a hit for the metal underground in Bucharest, especially through tracks like "Devil At Your Door" and "Horror". For "In God We Trust", the band recorded a video with their own equipement. During the summer of 2005, Bosketallica went through a crisis, due to the musical conflict betwen Saddam and Sauron. In June,the band chose Corby as the drummer, but his different view over music made it impossible for him to join the band. In December, Saddam gave up the bass playing to become rythm guitarist in the band. This was due to the growing complexity of Bosketallica's music, that needed a IInd guitar part in their pieces. In January 2006, Bosketallica released their IIIrd material, an EP, named simply "III". Consisting of 5 tracks, the EP represented their musical evolution through dark satyric metal, gone even further than their previous material. In February Vali became the new bass player of Bosketallica. In June Sauron Guzu left the band, for his inner spiritual peace. For the band there was no time to wait. In July 2006, Matei *Maciuca Iadului* became the drummer of the band and Alex the lead vocalist. From the recordings in the studio in early August, the band compiled a bootleg (DarkAge Kill Your Ass).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
neah, not yet...
Your musical influences
Metallica, Slayer, Vader, Satyricon
What equipment do you use?
all that we can have
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