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Juntao here bringing you some interesting yet cool riffs and beats and harmonies RnB hip hop style! Check out my other styles of music too! All music, songs a
Juntao Productions. Bringing you fresh urban Hip hop and Rnb beats and riffs. You will also find instrumentals and other types of music i composed too. All music and lyrics written by Juntao. All music still under development and will be updated. Copyright Juntao Productions 2006.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play piano and violin and currently still practising ma voice since i only started singing a year and a half ago! In fact I only had violin lessons and the piano took me 10 years to teach myself see :) I wouldn't mine doing live performances tho.
Your musical influences
hmmm. loads of thing from popular music to even film music and computer games inspire me. studying music all my life has been a major influence. Some people say i was just born with it although looking at ma family tree my grandpa plays the fiddle, my dad loves to "dance" in his own way! my mum loves singing... there u have it.
What equipment do you use?
heh heh along time ago i use to use Music 2000-3000 on my playstaton when i was young (and still do sometimes!) but im getting use to Reason 3 and Pro tools nowadays to do ma tunes. I record samples on mini disk and sometime go to studios in london and use sound booth to do vocals when i can. My uni also has a sound booth which is cool.
Anything else?
Someone asian gotta make it big into the Music industry please! Oh and one more thing if anybody would like to collaborte maybe show a beat or riff, lyrics or sing then let me know and will do business thanks!
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