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SPL2RGE pronounced splurge make a variety of music, from garage, grime, hip hop to producing slow jams, r'n'b and rock. We are eclectic. Tee and Tylie. Check ou
Consisting of two brothers Tee and Tylie, one word comes to mind whilst describing this groupBIG!!! Big tunes, Big beats, big lyrics, BIG!! BIG!! BIG!!! SPL2RGE pronounced splurge. Meaning, to do in excess. Its a way of life, says Tee when asked why they would choose such a name to represent them. Thats what we do! adds Tylie We splurge tracks, we splurge chicks and we splurge cash. Being both producers and emcees enables SPL2RGE to create music displaying their own distinctive flair. We are trying to change the game, not change for it. With influences ranging from MJ, Bob Marley, Nirvana, Jodeci, Jay-z and Eminem through to mums Grease sound track, back through to So solid and Heartless Crew it comes as no surprise that Spl2rge refuse to stick to a single genre of music. We are mixed race and our music shows it. After releasing an EP in the summer of 2005, which got extensive airplay through out the UKs airwaves, with tracks Scuse Me and Smash receiving mass amounts of praise, the boys felt it time to drop a video displaying there lyrical abilities. Thus Stupid Flo was born. To be played as loud as possible, this Tee produced track is any true emcees dream and the guys show it. 2006 looks set to be a BIG year for SPL2RGE, with numerous videos, shows, collaborations and singles in the pipeline, you can be sure your going to be familiar with the two brothers by the end of it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah!!! Course we do raves, events, radios anywhere we can broadcast are music. Were there!!!
Your musical influences
Jay-z, eminem, 50 through to so solid, heartless, anyone really that is serious about what their doing gives you inspiriration.
Anything else?
Check out the website WWW.SPL2RGE.COM for constant updates on what SPL2RGE are doing and the newest music were hitting you with