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Dave Miller Band
Milwaukee, WI  USA
January 22, 2006
7,861 plays
David J. Miller is a multiple genre Harmonicist, Vocalist, Guitarist, Teacher, Promoter, President of Jazz Unlimited of Greater Milwaukee, and Owner of David Miller Live Music. David Miller was also mentored by the legendary late Tom Radai in event promotions. These functions included the Wisconsin Annual Blues Harmonica Festival and Tribute Blues Concerts featuring international blues musicians, such as the James Cotton Tribute Concert 4-9-17. David Harmonica Miller founded the Wisconsin Annual Blues Harmonica Festival in 2013, which highlights an all-star line-up on the 3rd Friday in November at the The Suburban Bourbon, Muskego, WI. Miller is in charge of organizing and supplying all the necessary digital and printed promotional material for the Wisconsin Annual Blues Harmonica Festival (WABHF). Please check for updates on the WABHF Facebook page. David Miller was introduced to the harmonica back in 1972 by his late father at the age of eleven years old. Daves dad was his mentor, but his other influences also included: Charlie Musselwhite, James Cotton, Billy Branch, Little Walter, Big Walter Horton, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Junior Wells, to name just a few. David Miller has appeared throughout the Midwest. Some of the venues included the Wisconsin State Fair, Summerfest, Sherman Fest, as well as various Chicago clubs. Miller has played with Billy Branch, the legendary Aaron Moore, Willie Kent, Billy Flynn, Aron Burton, and Johnny Rawls. Born in 1961, David John Miller was raised with honest work ethics. Davids first job was at 13 years old, helping with odd jobs around his Uncles Hardware Store. This first gig started a solid foundation for a successful life of work in many fields. Miller worked many jobs in his life, always giving 110 percent. David Miller started playing clubs in 1980, and called his group the Dave Miller Band, and many years later was renamed the Blues and Jazz Experience. After going through a life changing time September 11, 2001, David found how precious life was then and even more today. After losing his job on 9/11 and getting a divorce sometime later, an epiphany of becoming a full-time musician became reality in 2008. Today Miller lives life to the fullest, enjoying music and hobbies. Supporting himself is an obvious necessity, but health and happiness is the first priority. Yes, David is a full-time musician and promoter, but also fulfills his appetite for inner peace. Blues and Jazz Experience - From Solos to Quintets: The eclectic Blues and Jazz Experience Quartet with Miller, Sorce, Stoll, and Zarcone provides a high energy repertoire from Blues-Rock fusion to Blues-Jazz fusion and Blues. The members of the Blues and Jazz Experience Quartet are as follows: David Harmonica Miller (harmonicist, vocalist, and guitarist), Tom Sorce (lead guitarist extraordinaire and vocalist), Jeff Stoll (world-renowned keyboardist/pianist), and Joe Zarcone (stellar drummer). The 2019 WAMI Blues Artist Nominee of David Millers 4-piece Blues and Jazz Experience ensemble, are professional and highly experienced musicians eager to satisfy the fans and venue owners. For venues that require a smaller group, David Miller can provide the Blues and Jazz Experience services of a Trio, Duo or Solo. Daves official business; David Miller Live Music, can certainly fulfill any venue with virtually any genre.
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David Miller's dad was his mentor, but his other influences also include: Little Walter, Big Walter Horton, Sonny Boy Williamson, James Cotton, Junior Wells, Billy Branch, Jim Liban, and Steve Cohen to name just a few.
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