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Thessaloniki, Greece
January 21, 2006
Dementia is a band from Thessaloniki,Greece playing heavy music with a lot of melodies...
Band/artist history
Dementia were formed in 2004 in Thessaloniki,Greece.The band started rehearsals playing covers from bands like Anathema,Paradise lost and Sentenced and many more.Soon Dementia started writing their own songs including melodic parts in keyboards,heavy guitars and melodic solos.At this time the band played live in places in Thessaloniki.In march 2005 and after some line-up changes the first part of "Demo 2005" recorded in X-Music studios in Thessaloniki including 4 songs.Three of them were written by the band(Obsession,Dementia,Lost) and the other one was a Paradise lost cover.The final part of "Demo 2005" recorded and mixed in December 2005 including this time 5 songs.This time 2 of them were written by the band(And the sun cried,Window to a new era).Dementia will start playing in some gigs and send their demo to some labels.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course.We play in clubs in Thessaloniki,Greece and its one of the reasons the band is formed...
Your musical influences
We are most influenced from bands like Paradise lost,Anathema,Sentenced,Charon,Poisonblack...and every kind of music with heavy,melodic guitars and atmospheric style
What equipment do you use?
We don't thing it's a necessary part of our band to mention
Anything else?
It's time to reach our fate break the silence use our hate...Cheers