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R I C H (NZ)
R I C H (NZ)
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R I C H is a guy with a guitar and some half-baked ideas. Pseudo-intelligent pop-rock with a kiwi tinge.
Rich is a guy with a guitar and some half-baked ideas. Pseudo-intelligent pop-rock with a kiwi tinge.
Band/artist history
'R I C H' as a individual entity has always existed (duh) and has been a strong influence on any group he's been involved with. I've been part of 3 albums. 'Music from the Back Garden' by the Back Garden (independent release in the early 90s, can't remember when exactly). Recorded on 4-track tape in the days before computers made home-recording easy. Seedy, dodgy, supposedly humourous songs about University life. 'Mutton' by Cynthia Should (Yellow Eye Records, NZ). A professionally produced, eclectic selection of la-la-la guitar-pop with the grungy edge of Chris, the lead singer's slept-in-my-clothes-last-night attitude. 'Me for a day' by R I C H. Yes, that's me this time. Available here! A concept album, following a day in the life of a guy, his Che Guevara T-shirt and [i]that[/i] girl. Oh, and a BBQ with his mates that stretches into the night.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
R I C H has played live for 15 years or more in all kinds of genres: jangly-guitar-pop, musical comedy, retro-rock, crappy-covers-bands and all-orignal or mixed covers-originals bands. Gigs played vary from the all-time low turn-out of 6 (great gig though, actually) to 3,000 at the Dunedin Town Hall in NZ with Neil Finn (formerly of Crowded House).
Your musical influences
R I C H is pretty accessible, I think. Catchy pop-rock, with an emphasis on lyrics and melody, rather than 'look how fast I can play this riff.' Think Barenaked Ladies, Crowded House/Split Enz, Weezer (though not as heavy) or XTC. Other influences that you probably won't hear, but who I've listened to a lot over the years: the Beatles (of course), Phish, U2, Cake, Radiohead, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello. Might think of some more later...
What equipment do you use?
Takamine EN-10 acoustic Fernandes LE-Classic Strat Ibanez Soundgear Bass Yamaha DD-50 drum pads Various shakers, tambourines and bongo-thingies Seide condenser mic Behringer pre-amp AKG d880 dynamic mic Recorded in Sonar 4, mixed with Sound Forge 8
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