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Whyte ()ut Productions
Whyte ()ut Productions
17 Tracks
If It Makes Money, It Makes Cents
Ridin Derty (Whyte Out RemiX)
Currently Whyte Out is the only artist on Whyte Out Productions. BlackiCe is may or may not be a reoccurring artist on a few upcoming tracks. Upcoming Projects: Another Instrumental Mixtape Title: TBD By: Whyte Out Release: Sometime this Spring Progress: Recording is in the process, One single "Way We Get Down" has just been released. Upcoming Tracks to be finished in the following few weeks. Anything Else?: Im hoping to get many collabs on this mixtape with emcees fron internet forums and maybe we can try and bring back breath into BlackiCe ;) Official Debut Mixtape/Cd Title: By:Whyte Out Release: Fall 2007 Progress: Writing has been taken place over the past year and a half. Many Songs are already written but not recorded. I am considering going to a real studio to get record this album early summer Anything Else?: I got many different types of topics im targeting, not just rhyming words. One topic targets"How Fake Staten Island Is" Stay on the look out Whyte Out Productions 2007
Band/artist history
Infamous (Anthony Carollo) and BlackiCE (Ray Ortiz) go way back. They met in 2nd grade but didnt really kick anything off till highschool. Freshman year we said it would be a good idea but we considered it more of a joke then serious. Then Sophomore year Infamous started online rapping and soon decided to write. In Junior year Infamous asked BlackiCe again if he was still interested, and he said yes. Now Senior year of high school, Infamous and BlackiCe have almost finished writing a mixtape and formed a new group called NYPD, New York Players Department. The rest is history.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At Parties, Freestylin, When Im Drunk. Im going to look into clubs and other stuff once i release some real singles with unheard beats.
Your musical influences
Eminem, 50 Cent, 2pac, Biggie,Jay Z, Lloyd Banks, G-Unit,
What equipment do you use?
A mixer, dynamic and condensor microphone, headphones,korg midi controller,
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