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The Elect
The Elect
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The Elect is a six piece jam/rock band based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Its sound breaks the traditional mold of today’s jam/rock bands by combining the best
The Elect offers a unique hybrid soulful sound with a broad audience appeal that offers a balance of Jam-Rock, Folk and Blues. The Elect presents the audience and listener with a high energy, fresh eclectic sound that has been called a total groove and a soulful mixture of vocals, acoustics with a southern musical punch. The band is currently touring in support of its newly-released CD. So far, The Elect has shared the stage with multiple national acts, received airplay on a variety of Midwest radio station networks, appeared on Indianapolis FOX affiliate, and has received rave reviews from local Midwest entertainment news publications and positive support from the music and entertainment community.
Band/artist history
What if Van Morrison, Joe Cocker, and John Prine took turns fronting the Allman Brothers Band on one of their jazzier nights with special guests from the Grateful Dead and The Band filling in? That's The Elect! An experienced musically talented six piece Jam/Rock Band based out of the Midwest - Indiana. The Elect is an electrifying soulful band with a spicy southern draw. Unique Midwestern Rock n Roll with an acoustic sting that leaves the audience and listeners thirsting for another sip. The sound breaks the traditional mold of todays jam/rock bands by combining the best of multiple genres including the story-telling of folk, the heart of blues, and the high-energy of Rock n Roll which, in turn, creates a feel-good, moving jam experience that will not be forgotten. Local newspaper publications, radio, television networks, and Indie and Major record companies have all recognized the unique sound, feel, and musicianship of The-Elect. The-Elect has played many large Midwestern upscale venues including, but not limited to: The Vogue, The Patio, Rathskeller, Phoenix Hill Tavern, Bill Monroe Music Park, The Music Mill and much more. Elect Facts A CANDIDATE WORTH ELECTING. . . . Hints of jam-rock come out, but the group really nails what matters a tight-knit sound around lead singer Michael Weirs gritting and spirited delivery. - Chronicle-Tribune March 5, 2005 These guys rock! - Kevin McCreery, Tantric March 11, 2005 The Elect: I'll pop in their self-titled album when I want mellow, night music. It has the right amount of groove and a good mix of acoustic and electric guitar. The band really shines on their 6-minute track, Sunshine in the Moonlight, with tight playing that accentuates Michael Weir's vocal prowess. And they can cut loose on jams, such as Every body Knows and Black Water. - Randy Setter, Chronicle-Tribune March 15, 2005 The 11 songs of The Elect resemble the wide-reaching resume of a band at the top of its game. Commonly filed under the heading of jam act akin to the Grateful Dead or the Why Store, the Elect covers enough earthy ground to collect fans of Van Morrison and the Band. - Review of The Elect CD by Dave Lindquist, Indianapolis Star March 25, 2005 "The Elect serves up a delightful dose of good old country rock and southern tunes. My favorite of [the recently released self-titled CD] was the third track which held true to [the band's] originality. That song just makes me want to grab a beer with my buddies and rock out. The piano part of that song is fantastic and adds a different sort of quality. . . that helps it stand apart from the rest of the cd." - Ryan Hoffer, Shut Eye Records & Agency "The self-titled disc is a great collection of pop songs, tastefully recorded and performed. Michael Weir has developed into a great songwriter and the band has matured well." - Steve Hammer, NUVO Newsweekley - October 5-12, 2005 Indianas Best Kept Secret; Winning sound and style; Innately sincere, hardworking Midwestern rock music that tickles the brain as well as engages the dancin feet. - Nuvo Newsweekly Great vocal abilities and tasty guitar style - Indianapolis Music.Net Appeared on and reviewed by: FOX59 AM show Indianapolis Star and News 92.3 WTTS FM 94.7 WFBQ FM 101.9 WKLU FM NUVO Newsweekly The Elect performed concerts and festivals with the following regional and national acts: Pat DiNizio (Lead singer of The Smithereens) Deep Banana Blackout Blue ground Undergrass Members of Col. Bruce Hamptons Aquarium Rescue Unit The Why Store Rays Music Exchange Umphreys McGee Mofro Ekoostic Hookah Keller Williams Victor Wooten Band Dirty Dozen Brass Band The Victor Wooten F. U. N. K. All Stars Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band Little Feat
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The Elect is an orignal live peforming act that includes multiple genres. Current show dates are in the Midwest on a regional level, view web site for details. This band will be going national in 2006 with the release of there self titled CD.
Your musical influences
The Allman Brothers The Band Bob Dylan Grateful Dead Van Morrison John Prine The Doors
What equipment do you use?
Acoustic Guitar Drums Electric/Lead/Guitar Bass Guitar Percussion Keyboards
Anything else?
View the elects website at Http://the-elect.com The elects new video wil be released in 2006 as well as the new official elect website - coming soon!