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Intoxicated and controversial, smalllife a 4 piece indie rock band from stoke.
The product of years of drinking, boredom and songwriting...smalllife is the work of jaymz lee shaw. IN the summer of 2005 the band was formed... We don;t want fame, we dont want stardom we just wanna vent, make music and get drunk. The music is free and is for you, the people of the internet.
Band/artist history
smalllife (the band) were formed in a fashion by song writer Jaymz lee Shaw in June 2005. Previously to that Jaymz had been going it alone, writing and recording his own style of acoustic mis-spent musings. However the desire to rock, need to electrify and want to collaborate and pontificate had been there since forever and was now something that needed to be done. After a series of failed collabs and ventures, jaymz arranged a jam with former songwriter and recording artist garry (Gaz) at bad apple studios in the summer of 05. After 3 hours, half an 8th, ten cans and four new songs the seeds were sown. Soon after Jaymz recruited another friend and bass player from his first band (Pulse c1999) ben and then there were three. Gaz ex senseless drummer followed and would play a part time role for the remainder of 05. Which has now continued to the present day. The set up worked, some people can just jam these guys did, garrys riffs helped jaymzs rythum and more jovial writing style helped to offset jaymzs brutal and sometimes controversial style. After just a few months of saturday jamming smalllife recorded their first demo as a band in November 2005. Despite firmly wanting to recruit a proper singer and disliking his own voice, jaymz with backing from garry took the vocal plunge and the first record was produced. It was cheaply and quickly done and unfortunatly due to recording limitations lost some of the live raw feel that they had in rehearsal. But it stands as their first effort and is simply the start, the tip of the iceberg. then came the EP of arrogence which contained 5 songs in which the band recorded at prism recording studios wit friend of the bad shaun lowe, then ther recent effort which is realisation which containsth singles 'christian'. To date this is there most accomplished work with more on the way early 07
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The rigger newcastle under lyme 4th november with more gigs in stoke
Your musical influences
The rolling stones, the beatles, neil young, elliot smith but also metallica, guns and roses, nirvana and oasis. I love rocking out but also love bleak accoustic sadness!
What equipment do you use?
plecs, rizlas, ice, lemon, vodka, fendors, coke, green, jamesons, royals ashdowns and marshalls
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