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naked angel
naked angel
2 Tracks
folk rock piano poetry kate bush, pink floyd,emotional, sex,festival, alternative,
Singer songwriter piano player plus band. Married to drummer, guitarist from South Africa, 6 string fretless bass player, in the vague area of Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Suzanne Vega, but not really like any of these Festival band, band to smoke to, band to procreate to ( recordings of this band have been held responsible for the creation of a specific child in North London)
Band/artist history
Started in 1998, mates, played every week in any venue that would have us. Made 4 albums so far- 2 live and 2 studio. We love to play basically
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Anywhere- Glastonbury, Wembley, Big Green Gathering, Jazz Cafe Jazz Cafe Berlin, Mean Fiddler, Small World, Royal National Theatre Foyer
Your musical influences
Kate Bush, Marvin Gaye, Led Zepellin, K D Lang, Suzanne Vega, Pink Floyd
What equipment do you use?
M1 keyboard, Pearl Export MB Kit, hand made 6 string fretless bass, Fender Jag, mandolin, Strat, sitar, flute occasionally.Spring drum, Djembes, dumbek,harmonica,(occasional violin bow on Jag!"for the old school" )
Anything else?
A bit psychadelic, stoner music, intelligent ballad, poetry to music, drums to die for. site-www.nakedangel.co.uk