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World of Shit
World of Shit
Hanover Park, IL  USA
January 14, 2006
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Technical Death/Thrash Metal. We are a 2 piece one of us is from Chicago and the other is from Berlin Germany, Eric from Chicago does all guitars,and drums as well, and as of today all the music. He also plays in Chicago based Grind band called Morgue Supplier. Mathias does the drums and vocals, and writes all lyrics, He also plays in a Berlin based band called The Ocean on Metal Blade Records.
Band/artist history
We have been fooling around for years and we get together once a year to do demos and make shit happen,, Originally we started this way back in 95'. But given the continental Divide, we only recently started on a regular basis(regular as in once a year) back in 2000. It is unfortunatley a slower moving project, but if you listen you can see we have some idea of what we are doing..
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not currently, although we each play live in our other bands, Although getting World of Shit some shows in the future is certainly something that is in the works.
Your musical influences
Morbid Angel, Crowbar,Confessor,Napalm Death,Ripping Corpse, hardcore, old school punk , as well as any style of music that is good
What equipment do you use?
Recording Equiptment INcludes DBX 165 vintage compressor, Shure Mics,(3 sm57's, Beta 52, 2 beta 56's, SM58) Sennheiser mics, Rode NTK valve mic, Oktava M319 condenser Presonus Eureka recording channel, Mackie MIxers, Dbx 166 Dual compressor, BEhringer Tube composer. Event 20/20 monitors, E-MU 1820m sound card, Cubase SX 2 Gretsch Catalina Birch 6 piece drum set PEavey 5150 Combo with Custom 4*12 D'oronzo SOund Cabinet Carvin Custom 7 string Fender HM strat Gibson Les Paul 91' Self made V's and Strats Numerous BOSS pedals(most of them modded)
Anything else?
Feel free to tell us we suck or rule. We appreciate both, and/or dont care.
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