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ram khastra
ram khastra
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electronica, experimental, electro industrial, rythmic noise, hardcore, techno, noise
I chose electronica as a broad discription of the music i make. It is hard to pin down an exact style. (and i can honestly not be ***** about accurate genre classification. If i can quote: ""The whole thing is based on respect. Respect to the music, respect to the djs, respect to the crowd and respect to one another. We have to remain in constant contact, but look around yourself. We've got kids who are into hiphop. We've got b-boys. We've got every kind of person in this room and they're not kicking f king attitude. It's about music. Music never separated people. No one style of music is better than the other and no one style is truer than the other. It's all music."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No. I have been dj-ing noise for about 2 years now.
Your musical influences
genres: electronica, ambient, industrial, ebm, synth pop, future pop, noise, rythmic noise, power electronics, digital hardcore, hardcore, hard tek, techno, gabba artists: TAKHTAHK, VNV Nation, desarroi, monolith, pierrepoint, greyhound, asche, gewaltakustik, stoerfaktor, versearker, tumor, synthetik, amin adverto, catscan, unexist ... there are loads
What equipment do you use?
Mainly loop and drum softwares.