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Doulos aka 5 Shot Kill
Doulos aka 5 Shot Kill
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DOULOS TOU KURIOU Doulos Tou Kuriou is a New Testament Greek phrase that, means servant of the Lord. Doulos approaches music as means for dissemination of the Gospel and a utensil for the edification of the saints. The forthcoming album One Reason is the first installment in the war against sin and false doctrine that so hinders the brethren. Born Kifani Thompson, Doulos is no stranger to The Music industry. His first album release was in 1992, at the age of 15, as a member of the IBS Hunters titled No Gimmick Just Lyrics. After a 2 turbulent years with Sackin Records, then Fatal B hooked up with his childhood manager and formed Nuclear Records. Shortly after the IBS Hunters released the second project, an E.P titled The Hunt. The project caught the attention of Sony who entered negotiations for a Label Deal in 1994, which fell apart, and eventually caused Nuclear Records and the IBS Hunters to implode. That incident and the subsequent anger resulting from it, was the first time Doulos thought about salvation. He began going to Church regularly and was even moved to make what he has now dubbed a Faked Profession of Faith. This was however was short lived and Doulos was again enticed by the cares of the world and the deceit of wealth to return to Music. Doulos then hooked with his childhood mentor Amilcar Pro Welton and formed Uh Huh Entertainment. This alliance quickly became a force on the Westcoast independent music scene. Under the name Black Bolo in 1998, Doulos released his first Solo project titled Original Hard Rock. They followed this up with the group single release Ying Yang Guaranteed Bang. Uh Huh Entertainment was primed for a breakthrough in 2000 when Doulos, through the trauma from the birth of his third child, realized that life without God is too much to stomach. Today, Doulos just makes music. His life is dedicated to Christ, so his music is just an expression of that dedication. The forthcoming L.P. One Reason, features production by Cool Ruckus (ATL) Buccwheat, Blindman Snuf and more, should quickly establish him as one of the top Gospel rap artist in the industry. Doulos truly believes that there is only One Reason to do anything in this life and that reason is Jesus Christ.
Band/artist history
Were writing it as we speak!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Starting Spring 2006
Your musical influences
I don't really have any influences, I started doing Christian Rap Music because I could fine any good music at the time. I've since found out there are a lot of great Christian Rap artists out.
What equipment do you use?
Secrets......Trade Secrets
Anything else?
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