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numbers station
numbers station
2 Tracks
Anonymous idiocy Marvin Lions in a silent way John Coltrane ska to the birds delinquency fela kuti ambient electronic nice numbers stations felatio certain cele
Song of the Wanderer
Peak in sub-genre #10
A song shall rise
Peak in sub-genre #94
Numbers Station were formed in a womb shortly after a sperm- having recently been ejaculated from a penis- penetrated the cell wall of an egg. The resulting cells divided until a human foetus was formed. This foetus then grew into a human baby and was eventually (after around nine months) expelled from the edenic paradise of it's mother's womb. That baby was named Marvin. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Lions. He then became the human adult known as Marvin A. Lions and went on to produce some of the greatest music never recorded.
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Your musical influences
Marvin Lions is heavily influenced by the music made by the crack addicts of brazillian flavelas, though he tries not to show it. He has also been known to listen to Patsy Cline and weep.
Anything else?
From beyond a far moon a voice is calling you. Listen. Quietly it wispers your name. Can't you hear it? It is the sound of all your pent-up aggression melting into the fabric of time. A bright light shining on to your greying skin. It fill you with peace, happiness, love. You become calm, collected, relaxed with your surroundings, happy to be there. You feel at ease with the world, at one with it. You are happy. Doesn't it feel good?