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Indialantic, FL  USA
January 11, 2006
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Wiggymusic is a project which began January 10th, 2006. It's intention is to showcase the music portfolio of Wig Nelson - singer/songwriter for more than thirty years. At present, over 120 of his musical compositions are copyrighted with the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. in five volumes (1979, 1992, 1993, 2006 and 2008) and will eventually be featured here on this website. Some of his most recent work includes a musical called, "A Feeling Of Power." It features 17 songs of Wig's most memorable songs and will be available for sale here at Soundclick in the near future.
Band/artist history
I never did a lot of performing. I first played in a duo called Eastwind in the late 70's and then did a solo act in California for a brief time. I decided to stop performing and write music behind the scenes. In the early 90's I was the principal writer for a light rock band called, C. J. White. We only had a few performances and then I again returned to writing and compiling a portfolio. Only recently have I had the urge to return to public performances and may possibly do so, provided I have CD's for sale.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, in his living room.
Your musical influences
I like Coldplay, Brahms, Mr. Lennon, Gershwin, Mathews, Beethoven, Traffic, Clapton, Mr. Robert Johnson, Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood, Winwood, Stevens, Waits, and James Taylor.
What equipment do you use?
Fender Classical, Washburn Steelstring, Gemeinhardt Flute (Soprano), Honer Harmonicas and Recorder, Yamaha PSR 510, Roland XP-30 synthesizers, Dell Inspiron 530 dual quad computer, Presonus audio interface, TASCAM 2488 digital recorder and Sonar 6 PE by Cakewalk.
Anything else?
Perhaps my music should speak for itself.
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