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Great music just waiting for your ears! Rock, country, R&B, classical, ambient, comedy, easy listening -- there's something for everyone here.
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for coz
this one was inspired by the recent passing of david crosby. the song is a bit of a mess, but so was david for a good part of his life. love that guy's music!
gimme shelter ala stockwrock
here's my take on one of my favorite songs by the rollings stones, "gimme shelter." once again, i have substituted the vocal with my sax. a double-tracked 12-sting is also prominent in the mix.
mckool's groove '85
i composed this jazzy tune back in 1985, and finally got around to recording it in 2013. after 28 years, i still love it. hope you enjoy it, too.
if i fell
another beautiful, simple song by the beatles. for this one, i used an alto and tenor sax to cover paul and john's harmony vocal parts, double tracked 12 string, a pair of electric guitar tracks, plus paul's bass line straight off the record.
ethereal dream
i programmed a very busy latin flavored drum track, and then challenged myself to come up with some guitar and bass parts that might work with it.
I love heavy, melodic rock, but sometimes venture into other genres like R&B, jazz, and since moving to Nashville, tried writing some country. The current songlist offers a wide variety of up tempo, ballads, and a lot of instrumentals. I always enjoy feedback, so please leave a message on the board if you stop by.
Band/artist history
I started playing sax at age 8, and taught myself to play guitar at 15, playing it upside down and backwards (lefty, with the high-E string on top). The first electric guitar I ever played was a gift from Jimi Hendrix (a friend of my sister's). Growing up in northern New Jersey, I got to see a lot of concerts in NYC at the Fillmore East, in Central Park, and got to go to the infamous Woodstock Festival in '69. (The summer of '69, those were the best days of my life.) Now I have settled in Nashville and enjoy the milder winters, and tons of music all around, and not just country music, either.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Mostly just recording in the studio these days, although occasionally jam with other bands in town (Nashville).
What equipment do you use?
Steinberger Spirit Pro, Fender Strat (lefty body, restrung righty, like the one I've seen Doyle Bramhall II play), Simon & Patrick 6 string and ibanez 12 string acoustic guitars, Yamaha bass, Yamaha tenor & alto saxes, nektar keys, Mixcraft 8 pro, Behringer C-1 mic, Sony headphones.
Anything else?
It is regrettable that so many musicians let their egos get in the way of sharing their musical creative ability with others. It would be great if a lot more people would simply get together and jam for fun, rather than be concerned about how much they are going to get paid.
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