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Arkadior is an experimental/funk band started in the final days of 2005. Alex Thorpe is the current bassist, with Josef Schwarzer as drums and percussion.
Oh No, Robots!
Peak in sub-genre #47
We are just a small project as of right now, yet to even have a guitarist or a singer. Only Alex Thorpe on bass and Josef Schwarzer on drums. Since we have yet to even get any songs down, Ill tell you a little bit about ourselves. Alex likes bass's with more strings then they need. He's on a six right now, moving up to a seven in a couple of months, and dreams of one day playing a nine string. Totally ridiculous. He's been playing since about july 2005, which isn't very long, but he picked up kind of quick. Josef plays drums. He likes to have really fast drum fills, and also likes to attach strange things such as saw blades to his drumset. One of these days, he's gonna nick one of those things and bleed to death, but it's yet to happen. We are based in the Romeo Michigan area, so if you like to play guitar, or use your voice thing, and you'd like to get in a band that's going off in a little different direction, send an IM to us on AIM, Alex's screenname is and Josef's is .
Band/artist history
After becoming fed up with the guitarrist of their previous band, Alex and Josef started this band in the hopes of creating music that appealed to both of them. It's also a way for them to be open in their musical style, without restriction.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We don't play live at the moment.
Your musical influences
Alex's major influences are Jean Baudin and Les Claypool. Josef's influences include Martin Lopez, Mike Portnoy and Tom Sharpe
What equipment do you use?
Alex uses... Josef uses Sonor drums, DW pedals, Sabian and Wuhan cymbals, Nova sticks, Evans heads, and a Roc N Soc throne. At the moment, the band uses Audacity and a single microphone to record with.