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Team Avon and the Ohster.
Team Avon and the Ohster.
2 Top 10
15 Top 50
42 Tracks
Canadian electronica artist Ohster is ready to ignite the planet with his electro mix. Team Avon is Paul Longden, Mike Murphy , John Ofner & Jeff Pinchuk.
Steppin Stone.
Today #69 in Alternative
Ohster and his first band Team Avon. Paul Longden is singing leads while John Ofner aka the Ohster is singing backgrounds and playing the bass to this Monkees classic Steppin Stone! Murphy is on guitar & Jeff Pinchuk on drums.
Imagine 2020
Today #79 in Classic Rock subgenre
2020 version of John Lennon imagine.
Hey joe. Hendrix
Peak in sub-genre #10
A classic remake of Jimmy Hendrix Hey Joe. Paul Longden is singing leads and playing guitar wile Murphy is playing lead guitar, Jeff Pinchuk on drums and John Ofner aka the Ohster is playing bass and singing backup vocals.
Drive 2020
Today #90 in Pop Rock subgenre
John Ofner sings a tribute to the Boston band the cars.
Watchtower Hendrix, U2
Peak position #39
Paul Longden, Jeff Pinchuk, Murphy, and John Ofner perform Jimmy Hendrix watchtower with sounds of the U2 version. Recorded back in 1994 at ABC studio.
Stepping stone John Ofner aka the Ohster
The AlmightyOhster is former FX light heavy weight boxer knows you will dig his tunes. The station has hit the top 5 and is in the new wave genre! Looking for opportunities within the entertainment industries! German Canadian electronica artist has gone solo with his first music compilation that is being distributed by download.com and played all over the planet. Ohster is in the studio remixing tracks from his first band and the singles New Orleans is sinking and steppin stone are getting airtime globally. Ohster is a former radio Disc Jockey for the Windsor/Detroit area he is home grown on the techno new wave scene. He has eleven singles that made it to the top 20 at soundclik.com and several other music sites! Ohster has 13 other songs in the charts as a solo artist and released live cuts CD with a rare Eddie and the Cruiser like remix from his first band Team Avon who is Paul Longden, Mike Murphy and John Ofner aka the Ohster & Jeff Pinchuk. Credits Numerous drama and communication studies courses taken at the University of Windsor. BA 1991! Acting, directing photography, modeling, videography, film, voice, dance, radio broadcast, script writing, television production and film! I have acted, directed and modeled in several productions for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation and the University of Windsor drama film department! I have modeled in several posters for almightyohster media in collaboration with several events and companies. I have over 3000 fans in 18 fan clubs as an entertainerworldwide!
Band/artist history
Ohster played in two bands and sang backups and some leads while playing the bass. I also was an Elvis impersonator in front of thousands at the White Oaks Mall in London Ontario. I was accepted at download.com the former MP3.com the largest provider of music for the independent musician and have regular rotations on Almightyohster internet radio!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have sang played my bass been a disc jockey at the best clubs in Windsor and Grand Bend. I have played live shows at bars, conventions, keg partys, weddings, jack and jills and dance clubs. Currently was accepted by download.com the largest provider of music for the independent musician. My music is being played in over 27 countries and heard by thousands! I had a live shows at Cocos in Grand Bend Ontario Canada!
Your musical influences
New Order, Duran Duran, INXS, Depeche Mode, UB40, Blondie, The Knack, Echo & the bunnymen, The Smiths , Power Station and John Taylor.
What equipment do you use?
Acid pro 4, Sound Foundary, Hammer 12 string bass, G & L Bass, Pearl bongos, Yamaha accoustic guitar,DR5 Dr Rythm Section,Hohner melodica, sure micrphone, trynor 6400 amplifier, Crate BX 160, Yamaha psr-7 keyboards, xylophone,
Anything else?
I would like to thank Paul Longden for his amazing vocals in Steppin stone and New Orleans is sinking both hitting number one in the cover songs genre. Currently mixing some more of the band's songs due out Christmas 2019. Great guitar playing by Murphy on lead guitar and Paul on rythm guitarwith Jeff Pinchuk on drums.
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