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The Legendary Fred Miller
Mixtures of folk, rock, blues, country and ethnic themes with layered vocals and harmony. Also Instrumentals, Synthesis, electronic and Psychedellic works.
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The Evil Eye
Classic Rock circa 1970's
Folk Rock Blues mix. Unique style. Layered Vocals.
There's Nothing New Under The Sun
Heavily influenced by the style of The Doors.
A Light in the Darkness
early 70's style folk rock style
Sleep Depravation
Odd harmony, unsettling lyrics, straightforward melody, and the best I could do on the guitar.
I specialize in genre blending, and retro rock. I workedwith my son Timothy to develop some new and exciting mixes. Tim accompanied me in :There's Nothing New Under the Sun", Instruments in "Corporate World, and the arrangement and instruments in "The Evil Eye". Timothy is a unique guitarist and pianist. I have been stuck in a work cycle for a couple of years that have not been conducive to developing more material. I have some time off coming up so maybe I will take the opportunity to do so. A sampling of my most recent works of Instrumentals, Vocalizations, and Synthesis is available on my music page. Whatever the heck it is I'm doing right (or wrong) let me know... Life is lonely at the bottom. I am a porch musician. I have never played for income although it would be nice. I play a wide variety of mixtures of folk, rock, blues, and ethnic music. I am not a guitarist who sings, I am a vocalist and songwriter who plays guitar. I've been a singer all my life, for a half century, and played various instruments almost as long. I don't pay much attention to popular music trends, I'm kind of on my own path. Some people like most of it, most people like some of it. It's worth going through my tunes to see what I've got because of the wide variety. Drop me a comment. I use suggestions in new works and sometimes rework my old stuff if I get reasonable feedback. Thanks for stopping by. If no one shows interest there isn't much incentive to keep on posting the new works. Fred
Band/artist history
Just me, with accompaniment by one of my sons, or a friend. I recorded most of my stuff on my computer by myself. I'm a sound geek so it comes out pretty good. Like I said, I'm a vocalist. I put a lot into harmonies and layering.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not as much any more.
Your musical influences
Guthrie, Guthrie, Dylan, Paul Simon, Tom Rush, Gordon Lightfoot, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Jim Morrison, King Crimson, Elton John, Beatles and Stones (of course) Mike Bloomfield, James Cotton, The B G's, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Uriah Heep, The oakridge Boys and and many more.
What equipment do you use?
A 1970 Framus Model 21 Concert Western guitar with a Fishman dual pickup directly into a Turtle Beach sound card, and two Shure Unidyne model 55S (studio)mic's, also directly into the Turtle Beach, using Cool Edit Pro to track, mix, and master. I use a RS Concertmate keyboard for keys and preset drums. I used to wish I had a drummer. I had to take matters into my own hands
Anything else?
"You can't be better without being different. Change is necessary for improvement". You can quote me on that. Do not proceed unless you enjoy music that's "outside of the box"! The music of The Legendary Fred Miller is experimental blends of styles and genres to produce new sounds. Some blends of music are not destined for the top forty. The music of The Legendary Fred Miller may never hit the charts on the airwaves but has an audience on the Internet. Fifty years of music in a unique style uninfluenced by modern music. A step back in time to move forward. The sounds of the Legendary Fred Miller transcend through time to bring you to a crossroad in music never before heard. Enjoy new music that will take you back in the early years of rock, then lead you in new directions. Lyrics with deep meaning. No profanity gimicks to detract from the purity of the music. Simple progressions and arrangements that are easy to understand and enjoy. If you're looking for something different take a listen for yourself. You may be glad you did. Just check it out, and please comment, that's important. Otherwise I'm just wandering aimlessly. Thanks
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