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Powerslave (AZ)
Powerslave (AZ)
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Arizona's Iron Maiden Tribute Band. POWERSLAVE www.maidentribute.com
Powerslave is an Arizona based Iron Maiden Tribute band that covers songs spanning the entire career of Maiden. We play primarily in the Southwestern US.
Band/artist history
Powerslave is the Phoenix, Arizona Premiere Tribute to the giants that are Iron Maiden. The band was formed in January 2005 by Michael Johnson and Tom Carr. Both had a vision of creating a top tribute act which would give an energetic stage performance and clearly display their musical abilities. Michael Johnson had just relocated from Los Angeles where he played with the band Hangar 18, a very successful tribute to Megadeth for over 3 years. He played countless gigs including opening for Danzig in Las Vegas and headlining the Borderland Metalfest in El Paso, TX. Tom Carr also had just moved from Southern California where he played in multiple local bands and did stand up comedy on the sidewell, not really, but he should. Tom is a musicians drummer with rock solid timing and a love for the Maiden sound. Rich Staker (Bass), also hailing from Southern California joined soon thereafter bringing his punchy sound to the project and sounds amazingly like Steve Harris. Kevin Sage (Guitar) from Phoenix became the fourth member of the band tackling the Dave Murray bits (Michael is handling the Adrian Smith guitar parts). Kevin has been in a few local rock bands here in Phoenix and the Metal band Rue Morgue from NY in the early 90s. Kyran "Screamin' Demon" (VOCALS) has played in several local bands including Supernova, Throttle, Mad Hatter and LEVEL. He brings to the band wide range vocal ability and a high energy stage presence. He is a major fan of Iron Maiden and is very excited to have the opportunity of playing in this tribute. "UP THE IRONS!!!!!" The excitement level grew to new heights as the musical parts started to become more polished. Attention to detail and hours upon hours of picking apart the songs started to pay off. Once the music was there the band began the search for a lead vocalist. As of May, 2006 Rich Staker has left Powerslave to pursue other music. We've since added Melanie Sisneros of Hangar 18 and Whole Lotta Rosies. Mel was also the original bassist for the Los Angeles based "World's Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden": The Iron Maidens All members are seasoned players with years of experience recording, writing, playing live and with the common goal of wanting to share the best of Iron Maiden's music with the fans. Powerslave covers a variety or Iron Maiden's material from the first album up to the Brave New World release with new songs being added regularly.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play all over the Phoenix area.
Your musical influences
Maiden (obvoiusly), all Metal, Rock and Guitar oriented music.
What equipment do you use?
Peavey XXX amps, Jackson, ESP, Marshall, etc...
Anything else?
Visit our website at: www.maidentribute.com
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