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Tommy Willis
My music page at SoundClick.com.. Hope you enjoy the tunes.
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Temporary Insanity
Sweet Sorrow
Lonesome Alone
Little Boy Blues
Layin' My Heart on the Line
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I loved this song the first time I heard it. The day I leave this world, this song will be played, because this song reminds me of my mother and sister, they both died 10 years ago, their death happened so closely together, losing one close family is bad, but losing two was devastating. This song reminds me of how I felt...of how I feel now. I'm a wildflower and I'm learning why they had to be picked, each day. Thank you Tommy, I just don't understand why it's the last song on your list, it's beautiful and you're a beautiful person, God bless you.
I just love your music, make me think back to my early years Tommy, you have such a beautiful voice, I shared your music on my facebook page and everyone loved it. Butterfly is my favorite song, I also loved the roses and wildflowers song, thanks for your music.
Wow, great song with great lyrics. This is a great joy to me this morning. - Lea from Finland
Nice. This sounds like Alan Parsons decided to do a country song (compliment!). "Every note would be indelibly blue..." - what a great, great line.
I know a few people like this...and ye right...they ain't foolin no one. Good song Poppa.
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