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Brett Phillips
Brett Phillips
3 Tracks
Instrumental guitar/piano music, ranging from jazz to progressive rock in genre
Walk on Water
Peak in sub-genre #54
Ah Via Musica
Peak in sub-genre #38
Practically my whole life I have been making and playing music. It has always been a joy to just play with other musicians and listen to other artists, as well as write my own material. I play the Guitar and Piano, and my songs usually center around them. The songs on my first CD are all instrumental tracks. But for my next CD it will be about half vocal, and the other half instrumental.
Band/artist history
Hello, I'm Brett Phillips and you are awesome for being on this page. I've been playing music my whole life. My two main instruments are guitar and piano, and I compose as well. The purpose of this site basically is to show all of the things that I have been working on, most notably my CD that I hope to finish in the coming months. I also offer other music-related services including guitar lessons, playing dinner music or other similar events, etc. I am educated and experienced in the fields of music that I play, as well as having a firm knowledge of music theory. I've been involved in several music projects the last few years and have played out of state on different occassions. In 2003, I played for the 2003 Teen Talent Guitar division in Chattanooga, Tennesee. My musical influences come from a vast number of genres. I enjoy the guitar stylings of Eric Johnson and fingerstyle players such as Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins. My main piano influences are David Benoit and Jordan Ruddess. I enjoy every type of music and love to play jazz, progressive rock, country, and classical. Recently I've ventured far into the world of VSTi instruments and synth. These technologies have opened a huge door for me musically in both my playing and composing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Currently I have been wrapping up recording my new CD, so my chances to play live haven't been as great. But not that I'm finishing it up, I will be trying to book a gig at least every other week. I usually play 2-3 hour sets.
Your musical influences
Eric Johnson David Benoit John Petrucci Eric Clapton Transatlantic James Taylor
What equipment do you use?
Fender Stratocaster Gibson LP Studio Yamaha CG Korg Triton LE Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Boss GT-6 Yamaha Upright Acoustic-Piano
Anything else?
Besides music, I enjoy alot of activities. I've enjoyed videogames for as long as I can remember ( especially Nintendo games!). I'm a medicore golf and pool player, but its still fun to play. I also enjoy doing action-packed things like sitting down. Well, not really the last one. But yes, sitting down can be quite relaxing I guess. Currently I'm perfecting the art of how cool I am so I can help other people who need help in that area. And I do enjoy long walks on the beach, although I've only done that like once. I love to have fun, just like most people, but I really need a good friend or two to hang out with. I'm a Christian and I plan to attend college after this year.
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