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Blizzard Thrang
Blizzard Thrang
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This was a solo project/Demo created in 1991/2. Just thought it would be fun to see what happens to it on here.
Dying Quietly
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Ibanez Universe Test
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'One Small Step' was a solo project/Demo Tape created in 1991-92 while unemployed and living in a one room bed-sit. I had my own web site a few years ago and I had loads of requests for a copy of this tape. So, after a friend told me about this web site I thought it would be fun to see what happens to it on here. Go Listen to some...
Band/artist history
There isn't any really, I've been in and out of bands all my life. Started playing live at school Christmas party's best part about that was other peoples opinion of me changed for the better when they realised I wasn't just another quiet kid in the corner. Bands to name a few: Activators (Punk Rock). Other no name bands. Can't remember who I did here! High Level Drive (Rock & Blues Band we never got of the ground but kicked arse). After HLD I gave up trying. Long Break, thought of selling all my gear. Joined two member of 'After the Storm' to create and new sounding Rock & Blues band and we will be doing our own stuff as well as a few covers. Looking forward to getting a name that know one else has thought of before us. :-)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I will be playing live again soon as I've just joined a Rock & Blues band. But we won't be doing any of the material from One Small Step.
Your musical influences
Everything I hear.
What equipment do you use?
Mainly Marshall Amps and Fender Guitar, I've had other gear that has come and gone but my Strat is so much a part of me that I would never sell no matter how hard things got. I used to use an Amiga 500 for samples and now I'm using a PC for MP3's and converting Tracks from tape.