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Street Soul
Uncle's debut album features the ..1 hit "Street Anthem" and "Can I Take You Home". Writer, arranger and street philosopher UNCLE has the music of this generation in his blood and its little wonder that he is destined to revolutionize the world of hip hop and R&B. To watch him in the studio is like taking part of a musical revival. UNCLE has qualified himself as an artist and if rap is an expression of street life, then he is its ultimate practitioner. He was one of nine children, grew up in a religious home and after his parents divorce moved to the projects with his mother and siblings. The streets became his milieu and trouble wasnt far behind. Witnessing his first shooting at 14 probably contributed to his own shooting of the boyfriend of an older woman whom he, at 15, was already involved with. Sleeping in abandoned cars and on park benches in the dead of winter didnt kill his spirit and through it all, UNCLE displayed an understanding of the worlds harsh realities. This knowledge cemented his credibility and branded him with the name he now goes by. It was prayer that brought UNCLE inward, to his real giftmusic. It became evident to him that music was the vehicle that could alter the course of many lives, including his own. His beginning may have seemed shadowed with negativity, but he realized that he certainly had the power to control the outcome of his future. Today, as a lyricist and composer, his ability to create and inspire is nothing short of extraordinary. UNCLEs trials resonate in every syllable of his lyrics and he is a missionary of hope and personal change. Im definitely not here to try and tell anyone how to live their life. UNCLE clarifies. But my tribulations have given my music substance and I want that substance to motivate my listenersmotivation means hope and with hope you can achieve anything. He dubs his music Street Soulthe two places he found himself in and though his lyrics, production and overall style rank high among his competitors, its his depth that removes him from the saturation of the typical hard edge rapper with a story. It took me a minute but I discovered that I could touch life through music and it was then I knew I had a purpose. Its a good thing UNCLE found a way to hold on, his perseverance paid offhe is now the highlight of the team at SOULtoSOUL ENTERTAINMENT and as much as the music itself, he is the voice and currency this world will embrace.
Band/artist history
_ Opened for Twista in Pensacola, FL at the Roy Jones Jr. Club. _ Opened for Franchise Boyz, Bone Crusher, and other artists in the game.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes...Any and Every where in Georgia (well at least for now)...Love It!...Every moment is special when your on stage and get a chance through music for your voice to be heard.
Your musical influences
Soul Music whether Al Green, Isley Brothers, Tupac, Sade, Mary J. Blige, and so many more.
What equipment do you use?
Just my voice!
Anything else?
"Everybody has there time and I've been patiently waiting and mine has come"
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