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On December 24, 1982, an incredible musician was given to the world for its future's listening pleasure. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Skyzoo was brought up in one of America's most notorious decades: the 80's, which as we all know birthed the infamous crack era, soon followed by a domino effect that would forever impact society. In the midst of all this, Skyzoo began to show an interest in music before he could walk. When he turned nine, he began writing raps as a way of _expression. His inspiration came from the vintage classic video "age aint nothin but a number" by Chi-Ali. After witnessing a teenager do what the adults he admired do on tv, he felt a burning desire to be apart of the wonderful world of hip hop. The first song he ever wrote was based on what he saw with his own 2 eyes; as he scribbled down a story about an average violence filled Saturday afternoon through the window of his 18th floor apartment in Ebbets Field projects. He developed a knack for penning stories at the push of a pen. His visuals on paper seem like films through speakers when recorded; and his versatility is one for the history books. 12 years, 4 independent mixtapes, countless shows, and 75 songs later, Skyzoo is recognized as being in a class by himself. He has gained respect as an artistic emcee; being able to create any type of song on the drop of a dime. He makes any musical environment seem like a perfect fit for him, leading to unanimous decisions of being something like Nas, Jay-z, and Mase all rolled into one. Storytelling is one of his main fortes, and he has also battled some of the best and been more than victorious. His swagger, style, and life story makes the hardest hustlers respect him, and girls instantly catch crushes on him. As the co-founder and co-CEO of Custom Made Entertainment, he is just as much apart of all of his other artists careers as he is his own. He's cocky but humble, serious but comedic, smart and clever, street but crossover; he's simply the best in music!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play livr all the time. visit www.skyzoo718.com for updates
Your musical influences
Too many to name but i'll try: Biggie, 2pac, jay-z, nas, nirvana, miles davis, john coltrane (my favorite album in the history of music is "a love supreme"...the definition of a classic!), kool g rap, boot camp click, raekwon (purple tape still knocking), ma$e, dwele, the justus league (dunny waddup!), jay dilla (greatest producer ever. hands down), mos def, madlib, yesterdays new quintet, NWA, scarface, and this new dude from NYC named skyzoo...
Anything else?
visit www.skyzoo718.com or www.myspace.com/skyzoo