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Techno/trance/rave/electronica/mellow/dance stuff. Just stuff to sit and relax with.
Hi! Welcome to my page. I'm sorta new at writing music so bear with me here. What I do is simple. I use FL Studio ( www.flstudio.com ) And I write trance-type music. You might see some more upbeat stuff as I learn more about this program, but for now I just write music that you can sit back and relax too. Enjoy!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play live. I just write music. If I could learn i'd love to spin at parties and clubs. But that's a ways away, down a long, winding road.
Your musical influences
I try to practically pour emotion into my tracks. To me, people can speak through music. I try to harness that ability when I'm depressed or really happy, and write music that's appropriate. You'll find music on here that sounds almost sad. Do not worry, this, to me, is just calming music. Just because it sounds sad, doesn't mean I am.
What equipment do you use?
My uber computer and FL Studio. And my mouse...and keyboard...thats about it.
Anything else?
Enjoy! I want feedback! Email me at zerosaberll@hotmail.com and not the email registered to this account. That email is not checked as often, so email me at the one I just gave you. Seriously, you can chew me out for my crappy music, or praise me for my wonderful creations, or offer tips. ANYTHING HELPS! I beg you. A simple "Your doing great!" or "You suck and I hate your music!" would do. It'll show me how I'm goin on this music stuff ^_^
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