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Phillip Dlugoss
Phillip Dlugoss
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Phillip Dlugoss a Pop/rock Musician from Southgate, MI
Phillip Dlugoss (Pronounced Dul-Loo-Gos) a solo Pop/Rock Artist from Southgate, Michigan. Who has been doing music since he was really young with his first release (he made money off of) was a 1-track CD for a song Phill did in 7-th grade he sold at a school band concert. Before that Phil started recording his then titled album West To the Haytes but as the months went on the albums title went from 4 different titles. in 2006 "British" was the name of Phill's debut album it was released on Phill's Independent Convertacard label. Later that year Phil would go to create a self-label 'Next New Nerd Records' March 2006 Phil's started work on his followup to 'British' called 'Something More For The People Who Can't'. In July 2007 Phil release the digital only single 'Find Yourself In Me (This Time)'. These marked one of the first major releases on Next New Nerd. in Aug of 2007 Phil finished and released his second album after working on it for nearly two years. The album featured entirely new material and the song 'Find Yourself In Me (This Time)' from the July 07 single release. The Album yielded an array of further singles 'When There Is No End', 'Keep It Normal' & 'This Is The Promise'. Soon after, saw the release of the first 'Some More' song, "Everyone For Me' in Feb 2008. This would go on to be the first single for his next album. After Further year of working on material. Phil released his 3rd album 'Chaos Happy' on Feb 15, 2009. Which was preceded by the albums second single in December 2008. The album yielded 'Kensington Gardens' (May 2009), 'Ten Thousand Home Das' (December 2009) & 'In Leaving' (September 2010). As of 2010, Phil has been working on a new Project/Band, titled 'The Symbolic Olives', they released their first single 'Faster Chemical Master' in October of that year and their second single, a cover of EMF's Bleeding You Dry in April 2012. they are aiming on a late 2012 early 2013 album release date
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No I'm more of a behind the scenes guy
Your musical influences
Nine Inch Nails, EMF, Depeche Mode, The Prodigy, KMFDM
What equipment do you use?
(Keyboard) Yamaha, Casio. (Guitar) Kent
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Spanish (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Mask On
Bouncy bbno$/lentra type beat