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Young Keith 4rm The Bay
Young Keith 4rm The Bay
18 Tracks
Good or Bad, I make songs based upon different situations, songs about truth, & songs about life. Maybe I go too far sometimes but thats just the vision I have.
Its Young Keith. I like to thank you all for taking the time to come and visit my page. I really appreciate the support. THANK YOU. Check me out. I rap, act, produce, write, & promote. mainly I rap about God but occationally I rap about stupid ish. Contact me youngkeith813@gmail.com carsonrecords.inc@gmail.com facebook/youngkeith813 twitter @itsyoungkeith (443) 962-8057 Manager
Band/artist history
Coast 2 Coast DJs Wild 94.1 fm (Tampa)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Im performing all over the states right now. Check My pages out to stay updated.
Your musical influences
Like I say, my first rhyme was back in da 2nd grade. I seen dat movie, House Party 3 wit Immature. Every since then I been wantin to rap. They really inspired me a whole lot. IM THE GREATEST
What equipment do you use?
Rhode Microphone, Nuendo, studio filled with $2 pillows from Wal Mart. Great Quality
Anything else?
My style of rapping is unique and different and that is what Imma offer to the rap game not just same ol song. Im here to speak for the young guys who don't got a dream, because right now as you read this, this is my beginin, A DREAM, but when I get it, this message is gonna continue to be here just to let you know, never let go of your dream. With God, everythang is possible. Pay ya tithes. IM THE GREATEST Its Young Keith
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