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acoustic, post hardcore, reaux, fun.
our band is called REAUX(pronounced ray-o)were kindof post hardcore indie experimental music. we scream in our music but not through whole songs. we are working on having shows more often. we just got all new gear. and we live in mississippi where no one is taken seriously while they should be.
Band/artist history
we were all in different bands before this. and some of us grew up together. and some of us we just got to know. but all in all we have fun doing what we do.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
working on it, we play wherever we need it. by our experiences of each of us playing live, yes. every minute were up there.
Your musical influences
whatever really takes an impact on our lives whenever we seem to be writing that song. bands help alot also, we could be writing a song based on something we heard from saosin or underoath, or it could be just that thing that were into at the moment. weather it be girls or money or anything like that, alot of the songs come out a little emo or screamo, but it sounds good and our intentions werent for it to be like that. it was just meant to mean what it meant.
What equipment do you use?
derek;akg mic, ibanez s classic guitar,ibanez half stack grey;shure pg48 mic, ibanez guitar, gallien krueger power tube jon;ibanez 5 string bass, fender power tube alan; pacific drums, paiste,zildjian, and camber cymbals
Anything else?
tell all your friends about us. well be recording soon.