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Morbid Abortion
Morbid Abortion
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You are about to discover one of the weirdest, funniest, sickest, and stupidest bands that ever existed. What seems very fake on the surface is absolutely rea
You are about to discover one of the weirdest, funniest, sickest, and stupidest bands that ever existed. What seems very fake on the surface is absolutely real. Morbid Abortion existed, recorded, performed live, and released multiple albums over ten years ago. MySpace and Pure Volume banned both Morbid Abortion and a new genre of music invented by MA--Desk Metal. But here, the revolution will be told.
Band/artist history
In the early 1990s, there was a music revolutiona revolution so weird, bizarre, and unknown. In fact, were still not even sure its real ourselves. It was known as.."Desk Metal." No, not death metal. This is something much more incredible. There was one band, and one only.Morbid Abortion. The only group in the world of desk. But now, this super underground cult legend will be heard by the world. Desk Metal is rare indeed. Its difficult to describe. But well try: A capella, metal, thrash, pop, death, 1950's doo-wop, disco, rock, Jazz, and even country on the third record..........WITH NOT ONE REAL INSTRUMENT! It's pure desk at its best. The low-fi nature and stupidity is what makes them so legendary. Members of the band apparently used their mouths to make guitar sounds and a desk for drums. We say "apparently" because theres almost no known facts about Morbid Abortion. Their history and legacy might have been lost if we hadnt stumbled upon the tapes. How we acquired them is a story for an entirely different web page. Heres what we do know: In the early 90s, Morbid Abortion released three recordsself produced, packaged, and recorded cassettes. The covers and inserts were black and white with what looks like self-imposed Parental Advisory stickers. Their second record was called "Organs" and contained 40 songs of pure deskeach different, weird, hilarious, and just plain bizarre. The songs presented on this page all come from "Organs." Click here for the tunes. We cannot currently share information about the bands other two albums. But they do exist. We have heard them. We can tell you the third record has an additional 35 songs of absolute desk. The only other band we know of that comes close was a musical project called Jud Jud in the mid 80's. But it was all instrumental and very thought out. Morbid Abortion's desk metal is something very different. From an ameba, to a 17-piece cookware setnothing is safe from the wrath of Morbid Abortion. Morbid Abortion's content is disgusting, sick, repulsive, gross and just plain wrong in every way possible. Its absolutely unacceptable. Yet its so stupid and funny, it becomes satire. When MA cant figure out a word to rhyme, they just invent one or make up somebodys name that rhymes. Its so dumb! But thats why youre laughing. The music, production, and concept is so ridiculous and sick while being unbelievably hilarious at the same timeyet somehow it seems smart. Morbid Abortion created an entirely new, unnamed genre of music--"Desk Metal!" Not many bands have done that. You just have to hear it. These guys werent idiots..or were they? Morbid Abortion is a cult legend. They are so underground that only a small number of people know about their formation and existenceuntil now. If you knew about MA during their heyday, please e-mail us. Soon, "Organs" will be re-released to the world. We have it digitally remastered and ready to go. Personal in-house CD copies with the original artwork have already been made. But is there any interest in hearing this crap? If so, e-mail us and let us know. Just tell us what you think of the song samples. We're "dying" to hear your thoughts. We'll post your messages here in a new page coming soon. Check out the songs here, and share them with your enemies. Please sign and view the guestbook too! Coming soon, updated songs, more pictures, your e-mails, and ordering information. Questions, comments, concerns, ideas, suggestions, concepts, and thoughts: info@morbidabortion.ORG (as in ORGans)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Rumor has it that Morbid Abortion did play live in the 90's but again, not much info is known.
Your musical influences
"Desk metal" is brand new.
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
Contact us: info@morbidabortion.org
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