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Cientifik (Ci)
Cientifik (Ci)
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I do it for the people!
Hello there musical peoples! I go by the name of Ci, short for Cientifik. I am an Emcee out of Philadelphia representing true hip-hop. I am currently 23 years old and making music is what I love to do. I like to keep it real when I write music, I never want to present anything fake to the people who are fans of hip-hop. Right now I am looking to make some moves in terms of getting my music out to more and more people. I think that Soundclick is a good way to do that so here I am sharing with others who are hopefully like-minded.
Band/artist history
I began rapping right around the time I turned 18 when I graduated from high school. I was just starting my time at college then I came home for Christmas break. I heard a track that one of my friends had recorded and listening to it made me want to record a song of my own. I recorded my first track a few days later and needless to say it was pretty bad. Ever since then I've been working to hone my skills and become a better Emcee. So now here I am at the age of 23 still working to make myself better each and every day.
Your musical influences
A lot of people, too many to name actually. My influences come from everywhere, America, Japan, Korea, and a lot of other places. I love to listen to other genres outside of my own to keep an open mind. You never know when that unlikely song will influence you to write something you never thought you could.
What equipment do you use?
My brother is the main one using all of the recording equipment since he produces most of my tracks. Korg, Yamaha, Triton, Reason, Sonar. You name it, he probably has used it.
Anything else?
Umm, nothing else? I guess that's it!
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