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The Funky Guitarist
Funky Guitars & Bass with a funky full sound.
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62 songs
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The Bayshore Strut (Smooth Jazz-Funk Tune)
Smooth Jazz-Funk Tune
I Can Feel The Groove (Vocal)
Funky Groove Tune with funky guitars,bass,keys, horns & fat vocals jammin in the pocket.
Just trying to get back into the joy of making music.
Happy - The Funky Guitarist Version
Funky Version of "Happy" Funky Guitarist style.
A Hook That Sounded Like This (Soul-Vocal))
Talk To me (Gospel Voice Theme Song)
Hey Everyone! I'm Rudy. I'm just a poor Puerto Rican guy who lives in Valrico Florida that likes Funky riffs. I write FUNKY,JAZZY,ROCK1N,FUSIONISTIC JAMS. As the Funky Guitarist,I normally stick with Guitars, Bass & Drums on my tunes but when I'm in the mood, I also throw in the keys & horns & other instruments that will help tell my story.
Band/artist history
The Funky Guitarist is: 1) Me on all guitars (2) Me on Bass (3) Me on Keys (when applicable) & Drums.(Ok it's really drums sequenced & programed by me)unless I indicate guest musicians on the tune.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course! A silent musician is dead musician! I am part of a Funky Gospel TV music Ministry all over the world and I gig regularly as well as offer my musical gift to my church. Music is like the air I breath. I wouldn't last long without it!
Your musical influences
I'm truly influenced by Jesus, Toto, Earth Wind & Fire, Tower Of Power, George Duke, Al Dimeola & Return to Forever, Frank Gambale, Basia, Manhattan Transfer, New York Singers, HillSongs and many Christian artists. I'll even throw some older Santana. I'm into Guitar Funkiness and Rock. (I'm also into other styles not listed.) I may add a Latin Rock & Fusion Flavor to my funky tunes.
What equipment do you use?
My Bass is an Ibanez SR1305E 5 string. I play a Jackson DK3 Pro Series Okoume Dinky - Natural with SCN noiseless pickups in the Neck and Middle positions. Of course a Seymour Duncan TB4 (JB) in the bridge. The guitar has custom wiring to my specs. I also have a beautiful Ibanez S570DXQM with Seyour Duncan Jazz in the Neck and a TB4 (JB ) in the Bridge. i also have a Lace Sensor Gold in the middle position. All pickups in chrome. Very nice. I use EZ DRUMMER for Drums and percussion. I also use a Boss GT-8 guitar processor for my guitar tone. For Bass I use a Boss Bass Limiter Enhancer plugged into my Fender Rumble 350 bass amp. 2x10 and a horn and I throw in a few other effects sometimes as well for my funky sound & I record with Sonar X3/ Cakewalk by BandLab.
Anything else?
I encourage all of you to pick up your instrument and just do it! You think you lost your music? You think you lost your inspiration? You must start recording even if it doesn't sound exactly what you are looking for. Before you know it, as you start adding things, the magic starts to appear on the very parts you first did not like. Just pick up your instrument and fight for your musical gift!!!
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