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Schumacher's progressive music styles - Progressive, Alternative, Celtic, Acoustic.
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Sail On
A song written by a father for his son, who both deal with the flow of life; Life may separate best friends, and one day will make adults of our children.
The song you'll never hear
The Snake in the Grass
Schumacher's brand new release. Acoustic-electric progressive rock with folk elements. Traditional Schumacher sound from a new studio.
From here on out
Fast, upbeat folk-rock featuring mostly acoustic instruments, mandolin and harmonica solo.
Every Story
Schumacher is back with new sound. Less acoustic, more progressive. Leave comments please.
7 songs
10 songs
10 songs
11 songs
Schumacher's music embraces a wide range of musical styles - a true blend of Progressive Rock, Celtic, and classical music arrangements. We try to make people feel, to capture and reflect emotion, and help others as their lives are touched by both good and bad. Our success is not our sales, but the comments listeners leave about how a song touched their hearts. Check out "The Snake in the Grass" or "The Buffalo Dance" for a snapshot of the bands acoustic-progressive work.
Band/artist history
I was classically trained at the young age of 2..(and hated it!). Started out with the recorder, then continued on with piano, organ, guitars. Taught myself a few other instruments (and I'm not really good in any of them). At about 19 I stopped playing sheet music and studying other people's works and began to write my own. At that point, mostly grounded in Blues and Jazz improvisations. Formed a band (later on a duo) and got our first gig. Continued playing and touring for many years, which kept us fed through college. Later on, I discovered that I was a tolerable musician, but really better behind the console and helping musicians sound the best they could. These days, Schumacher's own recordings are mostly individual projects (all instruments played by myself) or collaborations with very gifted artists and lyricists.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
There were a lot of special moments, but one of my favorites was playing at a club and Edwyn Starr walked in, had a listen and a beer with us after the show.
Your musical influences
Really anything progressive, folky, and creative no matter which style. For example, Jethro Tull, Marillion,Pink Floyd but also Blues, Jazz and some old school Rock like Free etc. Didn't shy away from Metal or hardcore punk either.
What equipment do you use?
I work with both real instruments (piano, organ, guitars, mandolin, etc.)as well as a multitude of synthesizers and soft synths, predominantly cause I cannot fit an entire symphonic orchestra in my basement. - Taylor Jumbo 12 string acoustic - Guild GAD-25 - Fender DG 6 string acoustic - Gibson Les Paul Studio - Kawai heritage digital upright piano - Roland RD 700 digital piano / sequencer -Hohner Blues Harps, G, A, C - Apple MacStudio:M1 Max, 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine, 64GB unified memory, 1TB SSD storage - UA Apollo Twin Quad Recording Console - IK Multimedia Total Studio software - DAW: :LUNA; Logic Pro X - Professional Engineering Plugins by UAD, Waves, Izotope, and others.
Anything else?
Take a listen. Hope you like it. Comments and feedback appreciated. Oh, and buy a tune or two, musicians need to eat..especially this one !
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